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For information on interim forest management plans, contact:
Aaron Buchholz,
District Land Program manager

Interim Forest Management Plans

oak savanna

Interim Forest Management Plans (IFMPs) are intended to guide timber management on properties that do not yet have formal master plans. The department expects to complete detailed master plans for these properties at some point in the future. Until then, the IFMPs will guide the management of forest resources for the identified properties. The plans are comprised of three parts:

  • a short narrative describing the property's habitats and notable features;
  • a listing of the proposed management objectives; and
  • a description of the techniques that the department proposes to use to achieve these objectives.

Open for comment

There are no plans open for comments at this time.

Properties with completed plans

Interim Forest Management Plans
County Properties involved Plan
Adams Colburn Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Adams Quincy Bluff & Wetlands State Natural Area Plan [PDF]
Ashland & Iron Hay Creek - Hoffman Lake Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Adams and Marquette Caves Creek Fishery Area
Upper Fox Headwaters State Natural Area
John A. Lawton Fishery Area (formerly Tagatz Creek Fishery Area)
Lawrence Creek Fish and Wildlife Area
Lawrence Creek State Natural Area
Plan [PDF]
Adams and Waushara Big Roche-a-Cri Fishery Area Plan [PDF]
Barron Barron County Fisheries Areas Plan [PDF]
Barron Barron County Wildlife Areas Plan [PDF]
Barron & Polk Loon Lake Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Bayfield South Shore Lake Superior Fish and Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Bayfield Totagatic Lake Wildlie Area Plan [PDF]
Brown Red Banks Alvar State Natural Area Plan [PDF]
Buffalo Merrick State Park Plan [PDF]
Burnett Burnett County Wildlife & Fishery Areas Plan [PDF]
Burnett Crex Meadows Wildlife Area
Fish Lake Wildlife Area
Amsterdam Sloughs Wildlife Area
Danbury Wildlife Area
Plan [PDF]
Burnett Glacial Lake Grantsburg Planning Group Plan [PDF]
Burnett and Washburn Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Chippewa Hallie Marsh Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Chippewa Lake Wissota State Park Plan [PDF]
Chippewa Tom Lawin & Drywood Creek Wildlife Areas Plan [PDF]
Chippewa & Eau Claire Chippewa and Eau Claire County Fisheries Areas Plan [PDF]
Crawford Kickapoo River Wildlife Area - Bell Center Unit
Kickapoo River Wildlife Area - Wauzeka Unit
Plan [PDF]
Crawford, Dane, Grant, Iowa, Richland & Sauk Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Plan [PDF]
Dane Waunakee Marsh Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Dodge Horicon Marsh Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Door Mud Lake Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Door Peninsula State Park Plan [PDF]
Douglas Douglas County Statewide Habitat Areas Plan [PDF]
Douglas Frederic Tower Site Plan [PDF]
Douglas Pattison State Park
North Country National Scenic Trail
Plan [PDF]
Douglas St. Louis/Red River Streambank Protection Area Plan [PDF]
Dunn Hoffman Hills Recreation Area Plan [PDF]
Eau Claire Augusta Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Forest Forest County Wildlife & Fisheries Areas Plan [PDF]
Florence Pine and Popple Wild Rivers Plan [PDF]
Florence Spread Eagle Barrens State Natural Area Plan [PDF]
Fond du Lac Mullet Creek Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Grant Mount Hope Rearing Station Plan [PDF]
Green Albany Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Green Lake White River Marsh Wildlife Area and 2 embedded State Natural Areas:
White River Sedge Meadow State Natural Area
White River Prairie/Tamaracks State Natural Area
Plan [PDF]
Green Lake and Marquette Grand River Marsh Wildlife Area and 2 embedded State Natural Areas:
Fountain Creek State Natural Area
Germania Wildlife Area
Germania Wet Prairie State Natural Area
Heart Lake Rearing Station Fishery Area
Rogers Memorial Habitat Preservation Area
Plan [PDF]
Iowa Blackhawk Lake Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Iowa Governor Dodge State Park Plan [PDF]
Iron Caroline Lake State Natural Area Plan [PDF]
Iron Moose Lake State Natural Area Plan [PDF]
Iron Turtle Flambeau Scenic Waters Area Plan [PDF]
Iron Underwood Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Iron & Price Southern Iron County Scattered Lands Plan [PDF]
Iron & Vilas Powell Marsh Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Jackson Morgan Marsh Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Jackson South Beaver Creek Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Jackson Tank Creek Fishery Area Plan [PDF]
Jefferson Jefferson County Extensive Wildlife Habitat Plan [PDF]
Juneau & Monroe Mill Bluff State Park Plan [PDF]
Kewaunee C. D. Besadny Fish & Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Lafayette Yellowstone Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Langlade Evergreen River Fishery Areas Plan [PDF]
Langlade Langlade County Fishery Areas
Langlade County Wildlife Areas
Plan [PDF]
Langlade Upper Wolf River Fishery Area Plan [PDF]
Langlade & Lincoln Spring Ponds, Public Access Sites and Miscellaneous State lands Plan [PDF]
Lincoln Big Rib River Fishery Area
Rib River Fishery Area
Plan [PDF]
Lincoln New Wood State Wildlife Area
Ice Age Trail
Bill Cross State Wildlife Area
Plan [PDF]
Lincoln & Langlade Prairie River Fishery Area
Spring Lake Fishery Area
Alta Springs Fishery Area
Miscellaneous state lands
Plan [PDF]
Lincoln & Oneida Menard Island Group Plan [PDF]
Marathon Big Rib River Fishery Area
Rib River Fishery Area
Plan [PDF]
Marathon George W. Mead Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Marathon McMillan Marsh Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Marathon Plover River Fishery Area and Spring Ponds Plan [PDF]
Marinette North Branch Beaver Creek Plan [PDF]
Marinette Pike Wild River Plan [PDF]
Marinette Town Corner Wildlife Area
Town Corner Cedars State Natural Area
Plan [PDF]
Marquette Mecan River Fishery Area Plan [PDF]
Marquette Observatory Hill State Natural Area Plan [PDF]
Marquette White River Marsh Wildlife Area and 2 embedded State Natural Areas:
White River Sedge Meadow State Natural Area
White River Prairie/Tamaracks State Natural Area
Plan [PDF]
Oconto Lakewood Rearing Station Plan [PDF]
Oconto Peshtigo Brook Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Oconto South Branch Oconto River Fishery Area Plan [PDF]
Oneida Squirrel River Pines State Natural Area Plan [PDF]
Oneida Thunder Lake Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Oneida Woodboro Lakes Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Oneida & Vilas Northern Highlands American Legion State Forest Wildlife Areas Plan [PDF]
Oneida & Vilas Oneida & Vilas County Scattered Lands Plan [PDF]
Pepin Lake Pepin Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Pepin Maiden Rock Bluff State Natural Area Plan [PDF]
Pierce Kinickinnic State Park Plan [PDF]
Pierce Nugget Lake County Park [exit DNR] Plan [PDF]
Pierce Pierce County Islands Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Pierce South Fork of the Kinnickinnic River Streambank Protection Area Plan [PDF]
Polk McKenzie Creek Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Polk Parker Creek Fish & Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Polk Rice Beds Creek Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Portage Dewey Marsh Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Portage Hartman Creek State Park Plan [PDF]
Portage Llewellyn (Murry Creek) State Ice Age Trail Area Plan [PDF]
Portage Pickerel Lake State Natural Area Plan [PDF]
Portage Portage County Remnant Areas Plan [PDF]
Portage Richard A. Hemp Rishery Area (Tomorrow River Fishery Area) Plan [PDF]
Portage & Waupaca Little Wolf River Fishery Area Plan [PDF]
Portage & Waupaca Radley Creek Fishery Area Plan [PDF]
Price Cranberry Lake Public Access Plan [PDF]
Price Kimberley Clark Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Price Spring Creek Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Rusk Washington Creek
Ten Mile Creek
Potato Creek Wildlife Areas
Plan [PDF]
Rusk Thornapple River and Weirgor River remnant fishery areas Plan [PDF]
Sauk Cady Marsh State Natural Area Plan [PDF]
Sauk Plain Honey Creek Watershed - White Mound County Park Plan [PDF]
Sawyer Benson Creek Fishery Area
Beverly Lake Fishery Area
Hauer Springs Fishery Area
Plan [PDF]
Sawyer Chief River Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Sawyer Kissick Swamp Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Sawyer Weirgor Springs Wildlife Area
Eddy Creek Fishery Area
Plan [PDF]
Sawyer & Washburn Totagatic River Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Shawano Statewide Wildlife Habitat Area - Welder Property Plan [PDF]
Sheboygan Kohler-Andrae State Park Plan [PDF]
St. Croix Cylon Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
St. Croix Willow River State Park Plan [PDF]
Taylor Pershing Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Taylor Rib River Fishery Area Plan [PDF]
Trempealeau Borst Valley Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Trempealeau Chimney Rock Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Trempealeau Lakes Coulee Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Vernon Battle Bluff Prairie SNA Plan [PDF]
Washburn Washburn County Fishery & Wildlife Areas Plan [PDF]
Washburn & Douglas Totogatic Wild River Plan [PDF]
Washington State Ice Age Trail Area - Holy Hill Plan [PDF]
Washington & Waukesha Ice Age Trail Properties, including: IAT - Washington County, Polk Kames, and IAT - Waukesha County Plan [PDF]
Waukesha Vernon Wildlife Area Plan [PDF]
Waupaca Hartman Creek State Park Plan [PDF]
Waupaca Myklebust Lake State Natural Area Plan [PDF]
Waupaca Skunk and Foster Lakes State Natural Area Plan [PDF]
Waupaca Waupaca County Fisheries Areas Plan [PDF]
Waupaca Waupaca River Fishery Area Plan [PDF]
Waupaca & Portage Little Wolf River Fishery Area Plan [PDF]
Waupaca & Portage Radley Creek Fishery Area Plan [PDF]
Waushara Mecan River Fishery Area
Pine River System Fishery Area
Willow Creek Fishery Area
White River Fishery Area
Plan [PDF]
Waushara Plainfield Tunnel Channel Lakes Plan [PDF]
Wood Ten Mile Creek Streambank Protection Area Plan [PDF]

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Last revised: Wednesday August 05 2015