Deer herd status 2014


Please share your thoughts on the Deer Trustee Review and new deer hunting rules for 2014.

Thank you for your participation in the on-line deer hunter forum!

Wisconsin has long been known as one of the most publicly-driven deer management programs in the country. That has become even more so in recent years as thousands of volunteers have helped the DNR gather deer herd information by being active participants in deer research projects and observation data collection through Operation Deer Watch and on-line field observation surveys.

By participating in the Deer Hunter Forum, you can access information about your favorite DMU, plus provide us with your personal opinions and observations while thinking about how they help shape the management policies for your DMU. Your feedback, along with that of your fellow hunters, will help shape decisions as we develop the 2014 deer hunting season.

Many hunters have provided input on the deer management unit(s) they hunt in. Please view the survey results.

Thank you again for your participation, and for being a part of the Wisconsin deer hunting tradition!

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Last revised: Thursday August 21 2014