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Dan Small
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Deer hunt 2013

Deer show 2013

Outdoor Wisconsin host Dan Small gears up for the upcoming gun deer season with experts from Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources.

Hunter diversity and recruitment


It's easier than ever to introduce someone new to hunting in Wisconsin. Passing on Wisconsin's hunting tradition is important to the DNR. There are many ways to get someone fired up about hunting. See what the DNR is doing in Wisconsin to help make it easy to get someone new into the field!

Deer Trustee Report


Last year, Governor Walker tasked the Department of Administration with hiring Dr. James Kroll as Deer Trustee. Dr. Kroll and his assistants, Dr. Dave Guynn and Dr. Gary Alt, submitted their report and now the DNR is coordinating the implementation of the Deer Trustee Report. The Deer Trustee Report has 62 recommendations for changes in deer management.

Forestry and deer habitat

Experts tell us that healthy habitat equals healthy deer. Wisconsin's 16 million acres of forestland cover nearly half of the state. You might be surprised to learn that individuals and families hold the largest portion (57%). About 360,000 private, non-industrial landowners care for 10.4 million acres of woodland in Wisconsin.

Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP)

The Deer Trustee Report implementation process included a DMAP public action team. This action team reviewed DMAP program options offered in other states and provided a framework for the DMAP program in Wisconsin. Their recommendation included participation at 3 levels, depending on the amount of acreage enrolled.

The DMAP program will work with private landowners or groups of landowners to provide technical assistance, habitat management and deer harvest recommendations (if necessary).

Deer research

The DNR Bureau of Science Services has been conducting two multi-year studies aimed at learning more about our deer herd. This work could not have been done without the help of volunteers.

Interview with DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp

Secretary Stepp shares her hunting stories, discusses the importance of the deer hunting tradition in Wisconsin and encourages all to get involved. She reminds viewers to recognize that special person who introduced someone to the sport. Let us know and we'll reward him or her with points toward a discounted license the next year. Wisconsin residents who have been designated as a recruiter three or more times within one license year are eligible for a discount on the license of their choice the next year.

Give us a call at 1-888-936-7463 and be ready to give your customer number and your recruiter's customer number. Recruiter points are available only for Wisconsin residents. Give credit where credit is due!

Your season - tips for success and enjoyment

Last revised: Monday December 09 2013