Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Wisconsin hunting incident summary - Year 2016

Last revised: Tuesday December 13 2016
# Date/Time Location Injury Description Fatal Self Inflicted (SI) or Same Party (SP) Shooter Age / Sex / Hunter Safety Certified Victim Age / Sex / Hunter Safety Certified Type of Firearm
1. 04/17/2016 7:37am Rock Private Multiple pellet wounds to the upper/middle of the back and back of right arm Yes SP - Same Party 66yr M Yes 37yr M Yes 12 Gauge Semi-Auto Action Shotgun
Synopsis: The shooter was hunting a tom turkey that was wounded by a second hunter. Shooter and victim were in hunting blind when victim exited the rear of the blind to retrieve the turkey and moved into the line of fire of the shooter.
2. 04/24/2016 6:45pm Taylor Private Two-Victim Incident: Multiple pellet wounds to the head, face and right side of body on victims No SP - Same Party 34yr M Unknown Victim #1 - 35yr M Unknown
Victim #2 - 09yr M Unknown
12 Gauge Semi-Auto Action Shotgun
Synopsis: The shooter was hunting turkey. Victims sent text to shooter said they were at truck. Shooter went to retrieve decoys while the victims crawled out to where they thought Shooter was set up. Shooter saw brown and white and thought movement was a turkey and shot once hitting victims.
3. 09/24/2016 9:30am Marathon Public Shot with numerous BB's in abdomen/groin area No SI - Self Inflicted 32yr M Yes Same as shooter 12 Gauge Pump/Slide Action Shotgun
Synopsis: The shooter was hunting waterfowl with companions in Jon boat. They were in the process of taking down the blind material on the boat to retrieve downed ducks when the shooter/victims gun discharged.
4. 10/16/2016 8:30am Columbia Public Pellet to upper left eyelid No Neither Unknown 40yr M Unknown Shotgun Unknown
Synopsis: Victim was pheasant hunting public wildlife area. Victim heard shots, observed pheasant flying towards him as he crouched down to try and shoot he heard another shot and then felt a pellet hit him.
5. 10/17/2016 6:04pm Marinette Private Approximately forty pellets enloged in body, right leg is where most of the pellets struck No SP - Same Party 15yr M Yes 17yr M Yes 12 Gauge Pump/Slide Action Shotgun
Synopsis: Shooter and victim were hunting waterfowl and were picking up gear. Victim unloaded firearm. Shooter unloaded three rounds thinking firearm was unloaded. Firearm was pointed at victim and discharged hitting victim with lead 7 shot, which was still in the firearm for dove season.
6. 10/30/2016 11:30am Dodge Private Two #6 shot impacted on right side of head above the right ear No SP - Same Party 14yr F Unknown 12yr M Unknown 20 Gauge Action Unknown Shotgun
Synopsis: Shooter and hunting party were hunting quail on game farm. Shooter shot at low flying quail which was flying away from the group hitting victim who was 25yds to the left of shooter and behind a few feet.
7. 11/19/2016 11:15am Waukesha Private Wound entering and exiting left knee and left foot No SI - Self Inflicted 62yr M Unknown Same as shooter 12 Gauge Semi-Auto Action Shotgun
Synopsis: Shooter was hunting deer from tree stand. Shooter slipped and fell losing control of the muzzle/firearm when it discharged a slug that entered and exited both the left knee and left foot.
8. 11/19/2016 03:30pm Taylor Private Wound to left part of abdomen No SP - Same Party Unknown at this time 16yr M Unknown Rifle Unknown at this time
Synopsis: Hunting party was doing a deer drive. Victim was a driving deer and kicked up a buck which he shot at, buck ran into open field to posters, posters began shooting at deer which at that point, one of the bullets struck the vicitim.
9. 11/20/2016 10:23am Taylor Public Grazed head No Neither 13yr F Unknown 28yr M Unknown .243 Caliber Bolt Acion Rifle
Synopsis: Shooter was a stander during deer drive. Victim and driver of vehicle drove past shooter a few seconds earlier. Shooter shot at two antlerless deer that were pushed from the deer drive. One bullet came through back window of passing truck grazing the victim (passenger) on the left side of head near the ear.
10. 11/23/2016 09:30am Oconto Public Wound to upper right leg thigh area projectile passed through muscle area missing bone No SP - Same Party 16yr M Unknown 14yr M Unknown 30-30 Caliber Lever Acion Rifle
Synopsis: Shooter and victim were staging behind vehicle in parking area before entering woods to hunt deer. Shooter failed to control muzzle while verifying half cock safety, firearm discharged hitting victim.
11. 11/24/2016 02:30pm Ozaukee Private Slug entered through the inside of left foot and exited through the back of heel No SI - Self Inflicted 15yr M Unknown Same as shooter 12 Gauge Semi-Auto Acion Shotgun
Synopsis: Victim was hunting deer in tower stand. Victim wanted to reposition and while moving the firearm it discharged hitting vicitim in foot.