Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Wisconsin hunting incident summary - Year 2015

Last revised: Monday April 20 2015
# Date/Time Location Injury Description Fatal Self Inflicted (SI) or Same Party (SP) Shooter Age / Sex / Hunter Safety Certified Victim Age / Sex / Hunter Safety Certified Type of Firearm
1. 1/28/2015 9:00pm Pepin Private .22 round to groin area and lodged in posterior No SI - Self Inflicted 47yr M No Same as Shooter .22 Semi-Automatic Rifle
Synopsis: The shooter was hunting raccoon. Shooter previously drove over raccoon. The raccoon continued to run in an open corn field while shooter shot an estimated 10 rounds at raccoon. Shooter thought firearm was empty and grabbed on to the barrel with both hands and attempted to use the butt of the firearm to club the raccoon. The stock broke off the gun and a .22 round fired hitting shooter.
2. 3/07/2015 unknown Rusk Private gunshot wound to abdomen Yes Neither 17yr M Yes 60yr M Yes .30-30 Slide/Pump Rifle
Synopsis: The shooter was hunting coyote. Shooter fired one shot at running coyote, missing coyote and striking victim in abdomen. Shooter and victim (non-hunter) were approximately 811 feet apart.