Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Wisconsin hunting incident summary - Year 2017

Last revised: Wednesday May 24 2017
# Date/Time Location Injury Description Fatal Self Inflicted (SI) or Same Party (SP) Shooter Age / Sex / Hunter Safety Certified Victim Age / Sex / Hunter Safety Certified Type of Firearm
1. 04/01/2017 6:00pm Dodge Private Welts to chest, right hand and chipped tooth No SP - Same Party/td> 32yr M Yes 66yr M Yes 20 Gauge Semi-Auto Action Shotgun
Synopsis: The shooter was hunting pheasant. Bird flushed behind line of hunters and shooter shot hitting victim while swinging on game.
2. 04/17/2017 12:00am Dodge Private Male: shrapnel abrasion to right shin Female: shrapnel abrasion to left shin and right leg just above knee No SI - Self Inflicted 44yr M No 74yr F No .22 Caliber Action Semi-Auto Rifle
Synopsis: The shooter was hunting a nuisance raccoon. Shooter shot raccoon straight down and bullet passed through raccoon and shattered on concrete floor causing shrapnel wounds to legs.