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Karner blue butterfly

One of the many things Wisconsinites have to be proud of is the abundance of rare habitats in the state that support the world’s largest populations of the federally endangered Karner blue butterfly.

Karner blue male
Karner blue male
Karner blue female
Karner blue female

The Karner blue was federally listed as an endangered species in 1992. Although the species is rare nationwide, it is relatively common in Wisconsin, especially where pine barrens, oak savannas, and mowed corridors support wild lupine, the only food of the Karner blue caterpillar.

Karner blue range

Karner Blue Butterfly Range MapMore Karner blues live in Wisconsin (Karner range in Wisconsin [PDF]) than anywhere in the world! Karner blues depend on the wild lupine plant, a beautiful purple wildflower that thrives in the central and northwestern portions of the state. The land management that has been practiced by the forestry industry, corridor managers and the state has ensured the continued existence of the Karner blue in these areas. Learn more about Karner blue habitat.

High potential range - county maps

Biological recovery zone maps

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