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Fishing WisconsinLake Michigan Outdoor Fishing Report - March 27, 2017

In general, fishing reports will be updated once per week, usually on Tuesdays. This may change based on availability of reports and work schedules of field staff.

REMINDER - Anglers must carry a paper copy of their license/stamps while fishing on the waters of Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and the WI/MI, WI/MN and WI/IA boundary waters.

Southern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: March 27, 2017

DNR does not verify or guarantee the reported ice conditions, and anglers should proceed at their own risk. Please use extreme caution as conditions can change rapidly.

Kenosha Co.

  • Ramp: No boaters were interviewed this week.
  • Pier: Only a couple anglers were interviewed fishing from the pier this week. The anglers both caught one brown trout. One was caught on an orange spawn sac on the bottom and the other on live shiners. The water temperature was 42F.
  • Shore: A few anglers fished in the harbor this week. Only one reported catching a fish. The angler caught a brown trout on a tube with a wax worm. The water temperature was 42F.
  • Pike River: Not many angler were fishing the pike this week. Only one reported catching fish. The angler caught three steelhead using black wooly bugger at Petrifying Springs Park. The water was 41F.

Racine Co.

  • Ramp: No boaters were interviewed this week.
  • Pier: Only a few anglers were fishing from the pier this week and none reported catching any fish.
  • Shore: A few Anglers were fishing in the harbor this week, but none reported catching any fish.
  • River Conditions: The Root River is currently flowing at 696cfs. The water is very turbid from all of the rain and visibility is about 1 inch. The water is 40F above and below the Steelhead Facility. fishing has slowed down a lot since all of the rainfall. No anglers have reported catching any steelhead.
  • Upstream of The Steelhead Facility: There was more angling pressure upstream of the facility this week. Most anglers have concentrated their efforts at Horlick Dam. A few fish were reported caught early in the week, but none have been reported since the rainfall. Anglers that had success reported catching fish on hair jigs or tube jigs tipped with a wax worm. The colors that seemed to work best were black/chartreuse, pink/white, and Chartreuse/white. A few fly fisherman reported have success with black/blue or all black streamers.
  • Downstream of The Facility: More anglers chose to focus their efforts downstream of the facility, and mainly at Lincoln Park. Not many fish were reported caught. A few anglers caught fish on white tube jigs tipped with a wax worm. No fish have been reported caught since all of the rainfall.

Milwaukee Co.

  • Milwaukee North: Mild weather with daytime temperatures reaching 60F on Friday (March 24) brought a few more anglers to the lakefront. Fishing pressure decreased on the weekend as steady light rain with temperatures in the 30’s moved into the area. 15-20 mph north/northeast winds (gusting to 29 mph) and 3-4 foot waves kept most boaters off the lake. Around one inch of rain was recorded over the weekend (March 25-26). The fishing pressure and catch rate on McKinley Pier continues to be low. 1-2 anglers on average were seen on the pier over the weekend with no reports of fish landed. The surface water temperature on the lake side of the pier increased from 34F last week to 37-38F on Sunday (March 26). A couple of brown trout and a nice size rainbow (25” long) were landed in McKinley Marina on Friday (March 24) by an angler casting little cleo spoons. Fishing access to the North Marina docks (B, C, and D) and the South Marina docks will close around April 15. The majority of shoreline fishing pressure continues to be on the harbor side of Summerfest. 7-8 anglers on average fished the Summerfest side of the harbor during the week. Nice catches of brown trout were landed behind Summerfest on Friday (March 24). One angler caught and released 5 browns within 2 hours Friday morning while jigging 4” chartreuse/white gulp minnows. A large number of brown trout (up to 15 pounds) were caught and released by anglers jigging white gulp minnows in the Lake Shore State Park lagoons on Saturday (March 25). 6 boat trailers were counted at the McKinley ramp parking lot on Friday morning (March 24). 5 boat trailers were in the Riverfront parking lot. No boat trailers were seen at the McKinley lot on Saturday morning and 2 boat trailers on Sunday afternoon. Boats out of McKinley and Riverfront continue to troll spoons and crank baits inside the breakwall for brown trout and rainbows. A few boats jigged gulp minnows for browns in the breakwall gaps and in front of the MMSD water treatment plant. One boat (two anglers) landed 10 browns on Friday (March 24) while trolling bloody nose and purple colored spoons. Another boat (two anglers) caught and released 4 browns Friday morning while jigging white gulp minnows in the South and Main gaps. A couple of kayak anglers at the Riverfront ramp caught and released 6 browns (up to 14 pounds) on Sunday evening (March 26) while trolling flicker shad crank baits and moonshine spoons in the harbor.
  • Milwaukee South: Fishing pressure on the shoreline increased slightly during the week. 15-20 mph northeast winds, 3-4 foot waves, light rain, and temperatures in the 30’s made fishing difficult on the weekend (March 25-26). Anglers under the Hoan Bridge (near Jones Island) are targeting brown trout, rainbows, and perch with spawn sacks, shiners, and fathead minnows fished on the bottom. Most of the fish landed recently have been brown trout. A 12 pound, 28” long northern pike was caught and released under the Hoan on Friday (March 24) by an angler fishing with fathead minnows. 6-8 anglers on average fished under the Hoan during the week. The painting project on the Hoan Bridge started this week. 500 foot sections of public fishing area from Carferry Drive to MMSD will be restricted (fenced off) as the painting project progresses to the north. No anglers were interviewed at Cupertino Park or South Shore Park this week. Anglers on the Grant Park shoreline are landing nice catches of brown trout and rainbows along with an occasional coho. Spawn sacks fished on the bottom and tube jigs tipped with wax worms under slip bobbers have been productive baits. 7 anglers (One Milwaukee, 6 Sheboygan) landed 4 brown trout at Grant on Sunday afternoon (March 26) while bottom fishing with spawn sacks. A large number of rainbows moved into the Oak Creek at Grant Park over the past 2 weeks. The water level on the creek was high and the flow rate was fast on Sunday (March 26) after 1” of rain fell in Milwaukee. Rainbows jumped out of the water as they swam upstream in the fast water. A fly fisherman broke the tip of his fly rod as he fought a large rainbow on Sunday. Another fly fisherman broke his net as he tried to land a large rainbow. Two anglers landed 4 large ripe female rainbows Sunday morning. Spawn sacks, egg pattern flies, and an egg sucking leech caught a few rainbows on Sunday. The water in the creek was muddy with visibility less than 3”. The water temperature was 41F. 27 anglers were counted on the Oak Creek Power Plant fishing pier on Friday (March 24) and 22 anglers on Sunday (March 22). The majority of fish landed on the pier have been brown trout. Spawn sacks and white tube jigs tipped with wax worms were the most productive baits in the discharge chute. One angler caught and released 4 browns within an hour while drifting spawn sacks in the chute on Friday. Anglers on the lake side of the pier landed nice size browns while drifting crank baits in the current. A large school of gizzard shad (around 80 fish) were in the discharge chute on the weekend. The water temperature in the chute was 62F on Friday (March 24) and 42F on Sunday (March 26). The catch rate for browns increased on Sunday. Boats out of Bender Park are targeting brown trout and 16-18” coho with crank baits and spoons in front of the Oak Creek power plant and on the boils in front of the South Shore Water Treatment Plant. Activity at the ramp was low due to strong north/northeast winds. 3 boat trailers were counted at the Bender ramp parking lot Friday morning and 2 trailers on Sunday (March 26). Activity at the South Shore ramp has been low. 2 boat trailers were counted in the parking lot Friday morning and no trailers on Sunday afternoon (March 26). One boat (4 Waukesha anglers) landed a large number of brown trout on several trips while trolling Michigan stinger spoons close to the bottom of the Milwaukee harbor.
  • Milwaukee River: The flow rate at Estabrook Park increased from 961 cfs last week to 1220 cfs on Sunday (March 26). The water level increased from 3.02 feet to 3.37 feet. The water temperature increased from 40-41F to 42F. The water was clear with visibility over 24”. Large patches of foam were floating on the surface of the river above the Kletzsch Park waterfall. 6 anglers were seen at Kletzsch Park early Tuesday morning (March 21). Half of the anglers left for work before 8:00 AM. Two rainbows (small males) were caught and released by anglers drifting spawn sacks at the waterfall. Nine anglers targeted rainbows at Kletzsch on Saturday (March 25). A couple of anglers fished from the island below the Kletzsch waterfall and had a few rainbows on the stringer. Most of the Kletzsch Park anglers fished downstream near the Bender Road Bridge on the weekend. Rainbows were seen on the gravel bars on the upstream side of the bridge. 4-5 anglers on average were counted in Estabrook Park during the week and a couple more on the weekend. A large number of suckers and a few northern pike were seen below the Estabrook waterfall on Saturday (March 25). Most of the rainbows caught recently at Estabrook were landed downstream near the UWM Park & Ride and the Capital Drive Bridge. Anglers at the former North Avenue dam have been drifting spawn sacks under slip bobbers for rainbows. 4 anglers were interviewed at the former dam on Saturday morning (March 25). One of the anglers lost a large rainbow when it broke off downstream from the dam. 7-8 anglers on average targeted perch, rainbows, and brown trout on the Summerfest side of the river during the week and a few more on the weekend. The majority of fish were caught with spawn sacks fished on the bottom. 6 browns and 3 perch were landed between 4 anglers on Tuesday morning (March 21). 3 anglers caught and released 3 browns and kept 4 perch (8-10” long) on Saturday morning (March 25). 3 anglers landed 6 browns and 7 perch with spawn sacks on Sunday (March 26).
  • Menomonee River: Nearly 1” of precipitation fell in the Milwaukee area over the weekend (March 25-26). The water was clear from 45th & State Street downstream to Three Bridges Park on Saturday. Visibility was over 24”. The water temperature was 42F at 45th & State Street. The majority of fishing pressure during the week was at Miller Park and Three Bridges Park. 6-7 anglers targeted rainbows at Miller and Three Bridges Park on Tuesday (March 21) and 8-10 anglers on Saturday (March 24). Egg pattern flies, spawn sacks, and small spinner baits were the most popular baits. A large number of rainbows were seen in the river but the anglers had a hard time getting them to bite. 4 anglers (One Milwaukee, 3 Tomahawk) landed a couple of rainbows in Three Bridges Park on Saturday (March 25) while drifting spawn sacks and casting flies. One of the Tomahawk anglers landed a 10.5 pound, 32” male rainbow while casting a black egg sucking leech. Two anglers soaked nightcrawlers under slip bobbers for walleye, northern pike, and catfish at the 11th & Bruce Street Bridge on Tuesday morning (March 21) with no reports of fish landed. No anglers were interviewed at 45th & State, MMSD, or the 13th & Canal Street Bridge during the week.

Ozaukee Co.

  • The Port Washington harbor is still producing a few brown trout. Anglers have mostly been using spawn sacs or shiners on the bottom near the power plant discharge, though some have been casting jigs with plastic minnows, various spoons, or crankbaits with some success as well. The North Pier is currently undergoing construction in the area known as “the catwalk” at the very beginning of the pier and will be closed until the end of June. No boats were interviewed this past week, but one was seen trolling inside the harbor during the week. Boat anglers often troll the harbor or shallow along the beaches to target the brown trout this time of year. Water temperature inside the harbor was 39F.
  • Conditions improved in Sauk Creek with last week’s warm up, but only a few steelhead are still being caught. Spawn Sacs under a bobber or casting spoons have both caught a few fish in the creek. Water temperature was 42F.

Sheboygan Co.

  • The Sheboygan River has been producing a few steelhead and the occasional brown trout, primarily around the Kohler Dam area, but fish can be found right now throughout the river. Fish can be caught on spawn under a bobber or drifted with a three way rig on the bottom, but a few anglers had success casting spoons or spinners as well. A few northern pike were also reported being caught in the lower stretches of the river casting spinners. Water temperature was 39F.
  • Fishing pressure on the Pigeon River has been fairly low, but there are some steelhead to be found. Most anglers have been using spawn under bobbers, with most pressure in the upper stretches of the river around Hwy Y, but some anglers reporting success on the lower end as well. Water temperature was 40F.
  • The harbor area has seen little effort lately, but typically brown trout or steelhead can both be found around the harbor or even off the beaches. Typical baits are spoons or small crankbaits for either casting or trolling. Water Temperature in the harbor was 38F.

Northern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: March 27, 2017

DNR does not verify or guarantee the reported ice conditions, and anglers should proceed at their own risk. Please use extreme caution as conditions can change rapidly.

Manitowoc Co.

  • While the weather continues to be windy and stormy, fishing pressure continues to be low.
  • With the ice finally melted and water levels starting to rise, quite a few anglers were out targeting steelhead and brown trout on the East Twin River in Mishicot and West Twin River in Shoto during the beginning of the week; however, there were very few fish pulled, and even less kept.
  • Most anglers interviewed during the week were not eager to spend a lot of time outdoors, as the weather was unenjoyable. A few anglers were able to catch some brown and rainbow trout out of the Manitowoc River and Manitowoc Piers.
  • Weather was still rainy, windy, and cold during the weekend; but on Sunday, March 26, anglers hit the rivers hard and many on the East Twin River in Mishicot were able to pull and keep rainbow trout. Despite the determination of many anglers on the West Twin River in Shoto, very few fish were caught.
  • Manitowoc River is starting to warm up, reaching a temperature of 43°F and averaging about 39°F.

Kewaunee Co.

  • Strong winds resulting in very turbulent water prevented many anglers from getting out into main Lake Michigan over the past week. A couple boats did get out at the end of the weekend after the winds had subsided some and reported a couple brown trout early in the morning, but not much action as the day went on. Steelhead fishing in the rivers resulted in some action, with only a few fish being caught early in the week. After the rain Friday, the Kewaunee River rose overnight and a small push of steelhead made for good action Saturday afternoon, up until close to sundown. The Ahnapee River in Algoma had consistent catches, with few anglers reporting more than one fish, but most groups seemed to have caught at least one. A handful of larger brown trout were also caught in the Ahnapee River this week. Steelhead from both rivers were caught on either spawn sacs or wax worms. Stoney Creek didn’t receive much fishing pressure this past week because of a combination of lower flow and a good amount of ice still on the banks in the stretches from highway U down to Lake Michigan. The rain Saturday and Sunday caused river levels to rise, but it also pushed down some very cloudy water from upstream, causing the fishing action to come to a temporary lull. It’s likely that better fishing will be in store later in the week once some of the cloudier water passes through the systems.

Northern Door Co. and Sturgeon Bay (Lake and Bay sides)

  • Reports will return after the start of the spring creel survey season.

Green Bay Fishing Report: March 27, 2017

DNR does not verify or guarantee the reported ice conditions, and anglers should proceed at their own risk. Please use extreme caution as conditions can change rapidly.

Green Bay West Shore

  • The launches along Duck Creek were still mostly iced in as of Saturday, but the main channel is open with some small patches of ice remaining. The two access points on Longtail were mostly open, there was some remaining ice off of Lineville Rd but Harbor Lights Rd access was open. The Suamico River is completely open with no remaining ice to be seen. Geano’s Beach launch is still frozen in and there are some ice shoves pushing over the break wall, but the bay is open outside of the harbor area. There are some ice chunks, shoves and iced in areas along the shore in the bay yet. No anglers have been seen fishing the west shore yet.
  • Anglers fishing the shore of the Fox River are concentrating their efforts along the shore at Voyager Park. Despite the rain this weekend many anglers lined the wall and waded off the island in hopes of landing a nice sized walleye. Anglers reported catches varying throughout the day. Most anglers fishing from shore were using artificial bait with the greatest success. The boat launches were lined with trucks and trailers this weekend from the Fox Point launch to the Fairgrounds. Those that fished long hours were greeted with great catch numbers. Anglers that were out for just a few hours still had some success but the catches varied greatly. Water temperatures dropped a degree this weekend from the rain, with water temps coming in around 37 degrees Sunday night but water flow has increased. With warmer temperatures in store for this week the bite should pick up as water temperatures creep toward the 40’s.

Door Co.

  • Only a few anglers were interviewed this week. Those that did venture out found mixed success. Anglers in the Lime Kiln Road area reported the highest success rates, although they had to spend larger amounts of time out then previous weeks to attain limits of whitefish. The majority of the bay north of the Sturgeon Bay channel is open water with the exception of 100-200 yards of ice holding to the shoreline. The channel itself was open water from Birmingham’s east to the lake. No anglers or shacks were seen on the ice from Potawatomi Park north to Horseshoe Bay and only pop ups to the south. Little Sturgeon was the only area that held anglers this week and their success remained limited. Perch continue to be caught in the area; however sizes also continue to be low. Fatheads jigged, over structure, just about anywhere in the area did produce fish in limited numbers. Ice conditions in the area continued to be variable, with most people reporting around 12 inches of extremely soft and honeycombed layers.


  • Anglers took advantage of the nice calm weather this weekend out on the lake and mainly trolling close to shore for Brown Trout. Late in the week anglers were doing well close to shore with limits for Browns being reported. Not many anglers were seen accessing the Ahnapee River or Stoney Creek this weekend and most anglers reported seeing very few Steelhead in the Rivers most likely due to very low water conditions.

Brown/Kewaunee Co. - Bay side from Sturgeon Bay area south

  • Fishing pressure has increased over the past week due to the recent mild temperatures and calm winds. Boats have been catching Brown Trout trolling the shoreline, having the most success in warmer pockets of water. Anglers were catching most fish in less than 15 feet of water on shallow diving crank baits. Water temperatures on the Kewaunee River remain close to freezing and the water level is still low, but anglers are still catching a few Steelhead on spawn sacs and wax worms.

Oconto Co.

  • A few anglers were interviewed below the Dam at Stiles with little to report. Low water and cool water temperatures has slowed the walleye run so far. All boat landings on the Oconto River are open and boaters are mainly going out of the Oconto Municipal Landing and the Oconto Breakwater Park landing.

Marinette Co.

  • All the boat landings on the Peshtigo River are open except the Ramp at the mouth of the river. Only a few anglers were interviewed and they reported no fish. Some walleye and brown trout are being caught on the Menominee River both trolling and angling from shore. Boom Landing, 6th Street Slip, Menekaunkee Landing, and the Menominee Lighthouse landing are still iced in.

Last revised: Tuesday March 28 2017