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Fishing WisconsinLake Michigan Outdoor Fishing Report - January 27, 2015

In general, fishing reports will be updated once per week, usually on Tuesdays. This may change based on availability of reports and work schedules of field staff.

Recorded versions of this information are also available. For Northern Lake Michigan and Green Bay, call 920-746-2873. For Southern Lake Michigan, call 414-382-7920.

Southern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: January 21, 2015

Kenosha Co.

  • No report.

Racine Co.

  • In Racine the harbor in Reefpoint Marina is mainly frozen over. There are aerators running near some docks, so be aware of varying ice depths. Anglers fishing in Reefpoint have been catching a few browns on minnows, spawn sacs, and jigging Gulp. A few rainbows and northerns should be in the area as well.

Milwaukee Co.

  • In Milwaukee ice conditions in the harbor and river mouth have been fluctuating almost daily. When it is fishable, the area under the Hoan Bridge should be producing a few browns and rainbows. Spawn, minnows, and Gulp are generally good baits to try. The fishing pier at the Oak Creek Power Plant is closed for the winter months, and it is scheduled to reopen on March 15.

Ozaukee Co.

  • The south end of the Port Washington harbor stays open over the winter due to the power plant discharge. This area provides a good open water fishing opportunity, and anglers there have been catching a few browns and rainbows. Spawn sacs remain the most effective bait.

Sheboygan Co.

  • No report.

Northern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: November 9, 2014

Manitowoc Co.

  • Manitowoc County fishing report will return after the start of the creel survey season in mid-March.

Kewaunee Co.

  • Kewaunee County report will return after the start of the creel survey season in early April.

Northern Door Co. and Sturgeon Bay (Lake and Bay sides)

  • Northern Door report will return after the start of the creel survey season in early April.

Green Bay Fishing Report: January 26, 2015

East Shore

  • Brown/Kewaunee County: Anglers out of Dyckesville and Red River were driving out on the in search of Whitefish, with mixed results. Anglers out of Sugar Creek reported doing well for Whitefish, and some limits were reported last weekend. No creel survey routes were scheduled this week here.
  • Door County: Anglers in Little Sturgeon struggled to catch Whitefish during the week from Sand Bay down to Lime Kiln Road. A few anglers had little success at Big Rock Place for Whitefish jigging a spoon tipped with a waxie. Anglers reported 12-14 inches of ice off of Lime Kiln Road and Big Rock Place. Anglers in search of Perch have still reported no success.

    Anglers around Sturgeon Bay have been successful for Whitefish out of Stone Quarry and Larsen’s Reef, with some limits being reported. Most anglers are reporting fishing in 50-80 feet of water and only seeing a little action on their cameras. Anglers reported using Rapalas tipped with a wax worm for the best results. Anglers are reporting 12-16 inches of ice for the most part, but some reports of 6-7 inches in places, so take caution when on the ice. Anglers tried their luck in the harbor area at Stone Quarry for Perch and had no success.

    Anglers trying their luck in Little Harbor for Browns and Northerns had limited success in the early evening hours near shore. The ice in the canal area was pretty slushy on top on Saturday but seemed to freeze again with the cold temperatures overnight and into Sunday, remember to use caution when on the ice.

West Shore

  • Nice weather this past week saw a moderate number of fishermen take to the ice. Anglers are reporting about a foot of ice along the shallow shore line and protected areas on the Bay, but as little as 6 inches of ice as you travel farther out. Those anglers fishing whitefish at 2 to 3 miles out are using 4-wheelers or snow machines to reach their destinations. For you bird lovers, Snowy Owls are being seen along the Bay shore from Geano Beach to the Menominee River mouth.
  • Brown County: Voyageur Park anglers have been catching walleye, whitefish, and a few perch, jigging with Swedish pimples, jigging raps, and lead head jigs tipped with minnows or minnow heads. The walleye bite seems to be best early morning before the sun comes up. Anglers with Aqua Vues are seeing good numbers of whitefish, but they have been hard to catch at times. Anglers at Long Tail have been targeting perch using tip ups and jigging with minnows and wax worms. The bite has been hit and miss. Very little activity has been observed at Duck Creek or Sunset Beach.
  • Oconto County: Geano Beach has seen an influx of both fishermen and non fishing parties using the landing. Anglers are heading south to the reef in search of walleye and whitefish. Jigging the top of the reef with jigging raps tipped with minnows has worked for walleyes and jig heads with minnow heads for whitefish. From Oconto Breakwater to Oconto Park II, pike fishermen are driving their trucks out on the ice but staying relatively close to shore. Pike are being caught in waters ranging from 4 to 12 feet. Large shiner minnows or smelt in the round, fished on bottom is working best. Whitefish anglers are using snow machines and 4-wheelers going out a couple miles, fishing in 28 feet of water. Jigging with minnow heads has been productive at times.
  • Marinette County: Pike anglers are driving onto the Bay at Thompson Park and off of Pond Road, no interviews have been taken. Little River has been a hot spot for whitefish, with anglers taking snow machines and 4-wheelers out to the Trout Bar, fishing in 38 feet of water. Black jig heads with white or yellow eyes tipped with minnow heads has been working extremely well. One dam was partially open on the Menominee River. The ice pocket below the dam has gotten considerably smaller, but walleye anglers are still present. Jiggin Raps tipped with minnows or minnow heads has been catching fish with the best bite coming during periods of low light or in the early mornings or evenings.

Last revised: Tuesday, January 27, 2015