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Fishing WisconsinLake Michigan Out Fishing Report - July 24, 2017

In general, fishing reports will be updated once per week, usually on Tuesdays. This may change based on availability of reports and work schedules of field staff.

REMINDER - Anglers must carry a paper copy of their license/stamps while fishing on the waters of Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and the WI/MI, WI/MN and WI/IA boundary waters.

Southern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: July 24, 2017

Kenosha Co.

  • Ramp: Most anglers reported catching no fish this week, but a couple of anglers did catch a few fish in 150-220ft of water. Coho salmon, king salmon, and steelhead were all reported caught. Anglers reported catching their fish on spoons and ran them from 50ft down from the surface up to 20ft down. The water at the surface was 67F.
  • Pier: Four browns were caught from the pier this week. The anglers caught the browns late at night on white or pearl tube jigs, and blue/chrome kastmaster spoons. The water temperature was 64F when the fish were caught, but more recently the water was 70F and fishing has slowed down with most anglers not catching anything.
  • Shore: 13 brown trout were reported caught this week. The browns were caught one kastmaster spoons of various colors, white and pearl tube jigs, and live alewives. Most of the browns were caught in the early morning hours and late evening hours when the water temperature was 64F. More recently the water temperature was 70F and fishing has slowed down with most anglers not catching anything.

Racine Co.

  • Ramp: Anglers caught between 5 and 9 fish this week. Early in the week most fish were caught on spoons in 35-75ft of water north of Racine. Later in the week anglers caught fish straight out from Racine in 100-220ft of water. Most anglers reported catching their fish on spoons and running their lures from 50ft down up to near the surface. Brown trout, lake trout, steelhead, coho and king salmon were all caught. The water temperature was 68F at the surface.
  • Pier: 4 perch and 2 brown trout were reported caught this week. One brown trout was caught on a blue and chrome spoon and the other was caught on a live alewife. Both were caught in the early morning hours. One perch was caught on a small white plastic jig and the other three were caught on live minnows under a bobber. A large number a sheephead (freshwater drum) were also caught on worms, live alewves, spoons, crankbaits, and lastic jigs. The water temperature was 70F.
  • Shore: No anglers reported catching any fish this week.

Milwaukee Co.

  • In Milwaukee boat anglers have found fish once again scattered throught the water column and depths, east winds have pushed cold water off shore and warming the surface temperatures to almost 70 degrees, some fish are being caught but not in high numbers and most boats are having to go well offshore into 150-200 fow and fishing in the upper 60-70 feet of water. Most anglers were catching steelhead and some kings but overall the bite was slow, spoons seem to be working better than flashsers and flys having a mixed spread is critical to having success this time of year. One day north of town can be good and the next day south of Milwaukee is good, it’s been that kind of summer, hopefully West winds will return and fishing will improve near shore. Although catches have been on the low end the fish are definitely making up for it in size several kings in excess of 20lbs have been taken recently, which is a good sign of the size of fish that we will hopefully see this Fall.
  • The warm water near shore has shut down pier angling and only a handful of fishermen were seen on the piers. A chinook or two have been taken off of Mckinley on glow spoons fished after dark or very early morning other than that a few large Freshwater Drum (sheephead) were caught on spoons or crank baits off both the Mckinley and Oak Creek power plant piers. A few days of west winds will be needed to cool down water near shore and improve pier fishing. There was a few brown trout caught casting spoons or crank baits near the Summerfest grounds but overall the action was spotty and only lasted a brief time in the early to mid-morning. Goodfishin all!

Ozaukee Co.

  • Similar to Sheboygan County, fishing pressure was relatively low this week, which was likely due at times to poor weather conditions. Success off of the piers was rare, and although more success was reported from boaters, the catches still remain extremely inconsistent.
  • Port Washington Harbor and Piers: Only one catch of yellow perch was caught off the North Pier on Friday, July 21st. It was caught with a crappie minnow. Most anglers were using spoons as there were hardly any alewives visible throughout the week. The surface temperature of the water was warm and ranged from 65-67ºF.
  • Port Washington Ramps: As in Sheboygan, boaters seemed to report more success when returning to the ramp in the evening rather than in the morning. Mainly rainbow trout and chinook salmon were caught, along with some coho salmon, a few lake trout, and two brown trout. The rainbow trout weighed anywhere from 1.8-12.5 pounds, while the coho salmon were more consistently in the 3-5 pound range. The chinook salmon had the largest weight range spanning 1.5-22 pounds. Catches were reportedly made in water depths ranging from 80-350ft on spoons, flasher flies, and dodger flies.

Sheboygan Co.

  • Fishing pressure was relatively low during the week, with a greater number of anglers and boaters present over the weekend. However, there was more reported success during the middle of the week, possibly due to increasingly windy conditions as the week progressed. As in previous weeks, boaters still reported the bulk of the success, with anglers reporting little to no success off the piers.
  • Harbor and Piers: Of the success that was reported this week, the majority of the catches came off of the North Pier. A few brown trout and chinook salmon were caught, along with two rainbow trout. Only two catches of brown trout were reported off of the south pier on Saturday, July 22nd. The brown trout ranged in weights from 6.5-12 pounds, while the rainbow trout were slightly smaller, weighing 5.5-6 pounds. On the other hand, the chinook salmon were all considerably larger, weighing anywhere from 12.5-21.5 pounds. Most anglers were using spoons and alewives fished on the bottom, although the windy, wavy conditions over the weekend appeared to increase the difficulty of catching and using alewives as bait. The surface temperature of the water remained warm throughout the week, ranging from to 60-65ºF.
  • Ramps: Success off of boats was limited this week, with some boaters reporting catches of a couple of fish while others returned to the ramp with none. Interestingly, more fish were caught in the evening compared to the early morning hours. Mainly rainbow trout and chinook salmon were caught, along with two brown trout, two lake trout, and one coho salmon. Most of the rainbow trout weighed about 6-9 pounds, although a couple of them were considerably smaller, weighing only 0.75-3 pounds. The chinook salmon had a significantly larger weight range of 1.5-24 pounds. Fish were caught in water depths ranging from 75-280ft on spoons, flies, and dipsy divers.

Northern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: July 24, 2017

Manitowoc Co.

  • The bite out of Manitowoc and Two Rivers wasn’t exactly hot over the past week. Most days the fishing was slow to the extent that bringing in two fish was a very successful trip. Days of easterly winds ensured that the water miles out from shore stayed near a balmy 70 degrees at the surface. Anglers using temperature probes did report that the water 50-60 feet below the surface cooled slowly over the course of the week, with some finding water in the mid to upper-40’s. Many of the fish that came in were 5-6 pound rainbows, with chinooks coming in second place. Although not many chinooks were caught, a good number of them were in the mid to upper-teens in weight. Successful presentations this week were dominated by spoons. Most anglers reported catching close to all their fish on spoons of varying colors. Chinooks seemed to be hitting any color, when they were active, and rainbows were hitting on bright orange as well as green. Most anglers fished from about 90 to 140 feet of water and got chinooks down 40-100 feet, and rainbows were coming on a mix of deeper presentations or lures run higher in the water (with planer boards or lead core). The anglers that came in with the most fish throughout the week said that their successes were largely attributed to finding slightly cooler water which was much more likely to hold fish. Others just happened to come upon groups of fish that were active, with no apparent reason as to why they were there. Some anglers could troll back through waypoints and get hits, and some wouldn’t get another hit after going through one flurry of activity.
  • Pier anglers are also having a rough go of things, as the water is only warmer closer to shore. Many almost-daily anglers find themselves leaving with a box of freshly-washed lures and nothing more. The occasional sheepshead or carp is caught and just as promptly returned to the water, but no trout or salmon have been reported to me this week, even through word of mouth of others catching fish. A few days of strong westerly winds looks to be about the only thing that may change the success of many anglers, as warm water temps seem to be the primary culprit behind slow fishing.

Kewaunee Co.

  • Fishing has been a roller coaster over the past week, with small catches and almost no pattern reported from most anglers early in the week. With the nicer weather during the middle of the week, fishing had improved dramatically by the weekend. There weren’t too many boats out at the start of the weekend, but all the boats came in with decent catches ranging from two to eight fish per boat. Catches early in the weekend consisted primarily of chinooks, and as the weekend went on more rainbows than anything else came in. The most successful anglers managed to find surface water temperatures of about 55 degrees, but most of the other anglers reported between 64-66 degree surface temperatures. The best water depth has been between 120 and 180 feet, with chinooks coming between 50 and 100 feet down and rainbows coming in the top 40 feet. Chinooks have come on a mix of spoons and flasher/fly combos, with green or blue flies being the most productive and blue or green (particularly with black patterning like the “hulk” colored moonshine) spoons, being equally effective. Bright orange, yellow, or blue spoons on lead core or behind planer boards were the best producers for rainbows.
  • Some shore anglers in Kewaunee fishing the breakwall were able to hook into a couple carp over the past week casting crankbaits, but no other reports, including the Kewaunee pier, had fish.
  • In Algoma, pier fishing is equally slow, but some shore anglers have been successful. Anglers fishing with live bait around Olson Park have been able to catch a mix of perch, bullhead, and sheepshead while some fishing with spinners or other artificial baits were able to catch some northern pike.

Sturgeon Bay

  • Salmon fishing was good early week but has since tapered off with changing winds and fronts moving through the area. The 150-200FOW range was producing fish but in the last few days anglers have had very limited success. Surface temperatures from Kewaunee up to the Bank are in the mid 60’s. There seems to be cold water 50+ feet down but the salmon don’t seem to be hungry. Many anglers have been out fishing longer hours than normal for the KD tournament with little to no success.
  • Perch action in the canal has been decent with the occasional angler getting a 15 fish limit. They sort through a lot of small fish but 10-11” perch are being caught. Anglers have had success on worms, minnows and bugs.
  • Not much to report for bass or walleye action but a few bass have been caught at Stone Quarry.

Green Bay Fishing Report: July 24, 2017

DNR does not verify or guarantee the reported ice conditions, and anglers should proceed at their own risk. Please use extreme caution as conditions can change rapidly.

Door Co.

  • Though this weekend found anglers out it force, most individuals met with limited success regardless of the species sought. Anglers fishing with live bait, in particular leaches on small dark jig heads, found constant success with smallmouth bass off their piers at Rowleys Bay and Ephraim. Smallmouth bass anglers also found limited success from docks in Peninsula Park and the Egg Harbor Marina.
    Unfortunately for individuals targeting Chinook and steelhead the bite decreased dramatically during the second part of the week. This left anglers from Ellison Bay to Baileys Harbor struggling to find fish in all depths of water over the weekend. This dramatic change can be linked shifting winds and fronts moving through the area. Anglers that were successful with both steelheads and Chinook reported that they had the best luck with brightly colored spoons. Anglers reported that water temperatures changed significantly during the week, with temperatures ranging from 60 to 53F in 55 feet of water.
  • Chaudoirs Dock – Walleye fishing has been inconsistent over the past week with some boats hooking into 25 or more fish while others struggled to land a fish. Walleyes harvested were from 17-25 inches long. Drum were biting hard and anglers were having a tough time keeping them off their lines. There has also been an increase in the number of white perch caught over the past week while out fishing for walleye. Other fish caught included catfish and white bass. The parking lot had 3-4 trailers during the week and 10+ on the weekend around 1:00 PM each day.
  • Sugar Creek - no trailers or anglers recorded.
  • Rites Cove- no trailers or anglers recorded.
  • Little Sturgeon Bay – Bass fishing has died down considerably with less than 5 interviews taken from bass fishermen over the past week. Those that did go out for bass caught between 2-20 fish for half a day’s trip. A few anglers bass fishing also landed a northern pike or two. Perch fisherman were having some luck over the past week with most boats harvesting more than 10 fish for half a day’s trip. The perch anglers also hit pockets of small panfish while out on the water. The round goby catch has decreased but is still present when jigging with live bait. The parking lot had an average of about 6 trailers at 1:00 PM during the week and 9 during the weekend each day.
  • Sawyer Harbor – The perch fishing has been consistent out of sawyer harbor. Every boat that was fishing for them found at least 10 and had at least 3 for the freezer. A few fish were measured and had lengths around 9 inches. Bass fishing is slow, most boats are only catching a few fish but occasionally there was a group that would catch 15+ bass for half a day’s trip. Anglers would also catch freshwater drum, white bass, white perch, catfish and round goby while out. The parking lot averaged about 5 trailers during the week and 8 during the weekend around 1:00 PM each day worked.

Brown/Kewaunee Co. - Bay side from Sturgeon Bay area south

  • Bayshore: Fishing for walleye of the past week has been relatively consistent. Most boats found themselves catching at least a couple fish for a half days trip. Around half the boats interviewed harvested fish. Only a few boats were fishing for perch out of bayshore this week and they didn’t have much luck. As always the freshwater drum bite has been hot and anglers were catching plenty of them. Anglers also caught white perch, white bass, and catfish while out fishing for walleye. Anglers from shore were having a tough week hooking into anything. The parking lot averaged about 20-25 trailers at 1:00 pm throughout the week each day.
  • Suamico – Fishing pressure was very high Satuday the 22nd due to the upcoming tournament the next day. Walleye anglers interviewed reported having some success and bringing home an average of 2-3 fish per boat. Anglers were running crawler harnesses out from the Sharkfin with mixed success. Other species caught were: freshwater drum, yellow perch, white bass, white perch, and channel catfish.
  • Metro launch – Anglers saw improved success from previous weeks with most catching at least two walleyes and some even taking fish home. Freshwater drum are still hitting hard, both from shore and boat but the white bass bite has slowed down considerably. The catfish catch continues to be low but consistent.
  • Fox Point Launch – With only one route this week, and it being in the morning I only obtained 2 interviews on the river this week with both anglers targeting smallmouth and both anglers having no success likely due to the high water temperatures (81 degrees F surface temperature
  • Fairgrounds – Few trailers observed from the launch but no interviews taken.
  • Duck Creek - There was considerably fishing effort out on duck creek over the past week. Some were fishing for fun while others were targeting bluegill, perch, and crappie. Success was low for panfish with most not landing any fish.
  • Voyager Park – There were a few anglers out this week fishing voyager park with mixed success. All interviews taken were of people just trying to have a good time and catch some fish.

Oconto Co.

  • Panfish and smallmouth are still being caught below the Dam at Stiles on the Oconto River. Live bait has been working the best. The lower portion of the Oconto River has been producing some very nice catfish, smallies, and drum. Live bait, spinners, and plastics have been working well. The perch and walleye bite from the mouth of the Pensaukee River to Oconto Park II has been slow although a few reports of walleye being caught out of the mouth of the Oconto River trolling with crawler/harness have been heard.
  • Geano’s Beach- Fishing pressure was very high Saturday the 22nd likely due to the walleye tournament taking place on Sunday the 23rd. As for fishing, anglers found a pretty consistent bite on average bringing in about 2-3 keeper sized walleyes for the dinner table. Along with the keeper sized fish anglers were still reporting catching good numbers of short fish (less than 15 inches). This is a good sign of things to come in the future. Most anglers were using crawler harnesses and running up to Pensaukee shoal. Other fish caught were: freshwater drum, white bass, white perch, channel catfish, and yellow perch.

Marinette Co.

  • Fishing the lower section to the mouth of the Peshtigo River has been producing drum, catfish, smallmouth and a few walleye both trolling and fishing on bottom with live bait. Reports of some very nice brown trout being caught out by the trout bar have been confirmed with 1 brown weighting 18 pounds. Anglers are fishing in about 40 feet of water crisscrossing the bar. Green has been a very productive color. Anglers on the Menominee River have been catching walleye, drum, catfish, and smallies from shore and from boats. Shore anglers are generally using live bait fished on bottom while boaters are both trolling live and stick baits and casting spinners and plastics.

Last revised: Tuesday July 25 2017