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Fishing WisconsinLake Michigan Out Fishing Report - November 7, 2017

In general, fishing reports will be updated once per week, usually on Tuesdays. This may change based on availability of reports and work schedules of field staff.

REMINDER - Anglers must carry a paper copy of their license/stamps while fishing on the waters of Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and the WI/MI, WI/MN and WI/IA boundary waters.

Southern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: November 7, 2017

The 2017 creel survey season is now over. Weekly fishing report updates will resume after the creel survey starts again in mid-March.

Northern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: November 7, 2017

The 2017 creel survey season is now over. Weekly fishing report updates will resume after the creel survey starts again in mid-March.

Green Bay Fishing Report: November 14, 2017

Lower Bay/Fox River Creel Report

  • With water temperatures dropping daily it is only a matter of time until the lakes and rivers begin to lock up, but until then fishing remains very good. Musky anglers continue to troll big crankbaits and cast big rubber baits to catch their fish both in the lower bay and in the Fox River. Though musky fishing hasn’t been on fire, anglers are catching big fish (48 in. and up) when the fish are feeding. A reminder for musky anglers that the fishing season for said muskies is November 30th. Anglers that have been targeting walleyes however are finding one of the best bites that has occurred all year long. Anglers fishing in the Fox River have been locating hungry fish in 8-16 feet of water hanging on or just off the channel break. Many presentations have boated fish but the best have been hair jig (tipped with minnow or bare), jig and plastic (ringworm style) and big Rapalas (size 9 and up). Most colors have been catching fish but Firetiger and chartreuse have been the best for numbers. Walleyes caught have ranged in sizes from 15-22 inches, so if you want to catch some dinner now is a great time. Whitefish are entering the river every day and are starting to congregate up by the De Pere Dam. Whitefish are pushing into the rivers to begin their spawning run and will remain in the river for the majority of winter feeding on the abundant forage the Fox River has to offer. Most fish in the river are in the size range of 16-20 inches with a few big females pushing 25 inches. If you haven’t already, don’t go putting the boat away this week instead hit the Fox River or Lower bay for Walleye and Whitefish dinner.
  • Good Luck to all the hunters going out this weekend and remember to be safe.
  • This will be that last creel report until Winter Creel begins sometime in January.

Door Co.

  • Cool weather and wind has kept fishing pressure minimal across Door County. Most anglers have been targeting smallmouth fishing out of Stone Quarry, Sister Bay, Gills Rock and Rowleys Bay. The bass bite has been a bit slow but anglers are having some success fishing offshore structure in 20-30FOW using plastics and live suckers. In the Sturgeon Bay Canal most anglers have been finding a few pike. Shore and boat anglers have been finding a few walleyes using crankbaits in the evening and after dark. The salmon run is slowing down but fish can still be seen in the marinas and creeks around the county. Brown trout action should pick up as the water continues to cool.
  • Chaudoirs Dock – No angler’s observed
  • Sugar Creek - No angler’s observed
  • Rites Cove - No angler’s observed
  • Little Sturgeon Bay – Anglers were only observed on one day of the week. The few anglers that were interviewed reported targeting small mouth bass with no luck.
  • Sawyer Harbor – An average of 7 trailers were observed during at the beginning of the week. Anglers reported targeting yellow perch and came in with or close to their limits for a half day trip.

Brown/Kewaunee Co. - Bay side from Sturgeon Bay area south

  • Bayshore - Bayshore was pretty slow all week only averaging 6 boats on a few days throughout the week. Nearly all anglers were out for walleye this week with no luck. Anglers were even having a hard time catching other fish like freshwater drum, white bass, white perch, and round gobies that are normally caught when out for walleye.
  • Suamico – Most boats out were duck hunters. One interview was taken from a musky fisherman with no luck. The lot averaged 3-12 trailers over the last week.
  • Longtail Lauches- no anglers or trailers
  • Metro launch – An average of 8 trailers were observed at the beginning of the week and nearly 60 trailers over the weekend with the warm weather. At the beginning few boat anglers reported targeting walleye and caught approximately 6 fish for a half day out. This weekends unseasonably hot weather brought out more recreational boaters than anglers, though the anglers which were out had fairly consistent luck as anglers earlier in the week.
  • Fox River Mouth – High trailer counts all week which ended up resulting in high number of interviews from pleasure boaters. With the nice weather we have had lately the public is getting on the water and enjoying the sun. As for anglers, walleye has been the main target with anglers launching from the mouth and running a couple miles north usually. Walleye angler have had a tough time finding decent numbers of walleyes and they are also struggling to keep the non-target fish off their lines, many times white perch or freshwater drum will hit their baits before a walleye has time. Shore anglers from the river mouth have still been doing good catching freshwater drum with the occasional channel catfish mixed in. The river’s water temperature is quite high right now with many anglers reporting 82-85 degree surface temperatures.
  • Fox River- Almost all of my interviews from the upper portion of the river came from pleasure boaters with most of the anglers targeting fish out in the bay right now. Fish species that have been caught by anglers in the upper portion have been, freshwater drum, and channel catfish.
  • Fox Point Launch – The lot averaged 5 trailers in it over the past week. One fishing group reported targeting walleye and brought back 3 with no other bites.
  • Fairgrounds – The lot averaged a couple trailers in it over the past week. No interviews were taken.
  • Duck Creek - 2-5 trailers were observed throughout the week, but were all duck hunters.
  • Voyager Park – Only a few anglers were seen throughout the week. No interviews were taken.
  • Red River - No anglers observed.
  • Bay beach launch- The lot averaged 3-7 trailers throughout the week. One interview was taken and the angler reported targeting musky with no luck for a full day on the water.

Oconto Co.

  • A few pan fish are still being caught below the Dam at Stiles on the Oconto River, minnows for crappie and crawler chunks for blue gill. Anglers at the mouth of the Oconto River are catching a few perch, rock bass, crappie, and blue gill. Live bait is being used. Pan fish and perch are being at Oconto Park II using live bait. All boaters interviewed this past week were water fowl hunters.
  • Genoas Beach - The lot average 1-10 trailers over the week. All interviews taken were from duck hunters

Marinette Co.

  • The only interviews in Marinette County came from the Menominee River where anglers are catching walleye, browns, and steel head mainly from the 41 bridge up to the Dam at Hattie Street. Live bait, spoons, and crank baits have been catching some very nice fish.
  • Lower Menominee River: Results from 11/6/2017 WDNR shocking survey (Stephenson Island up to Hattie St bridge): Many anglers were taking advantage of the sunny day and Hattie Street fishing walkway that was recently reopened after construction all summer. A total of 6 brown trout were captured, including 2 fish that were over 30 inches. A total of 7 rainbow trout were surveyed, ranging from 17.0 up to 29.8 inches. Walleye continue to be plentiful. More whitefish are showing up compared to last week but the big run might be a week or so out. A total of 55 whitefish were tagged with green loop tags and released. Flows at McAllister were at 6070 cubic feet per second and water temperature was 40 F.
  • Fisheries Supervisor Tom Meronek holds a 30.5 inch male brown trout

    Fisheries Supervisor Tom Meronek
    holds a 30.5 inch male brown trout

    Fisheries technician Jacob Steckmesser with a large female lake whitefish that was tagged and released.

    Fisheries technician Jacob Steckmesser with a large
    female lake whitefish that was tagged and released.

    Fisheries Supervisor Tom Meronek holds a 30.5 inch male brown trout

    Tom Meronek, Jacob Steckmesser, and Tammie Paoli
    – grateful for the sun on a 35 degree day.

    Last revised: Thursday November 16 2017