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Sumner Matteson
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Trumpeter Swan Fund

The message of the Trumpeters will be repeated each time these wild calls echo across the United States and Canada.

As they pass overhead, they will continue to remind us that wildlife's future lies in our own hands. We have choices and solutions.

--Ruth Shea, swan biologist

Two essential keys to the success of Wisconsin's Trumpeter Swan Recovery Program are adequate funding and an aware, educated public. Donations are used to cover costs of aerial surveys, general management and public education efforts. By marking (using numbered plastic collars) and monitoring most of Wisconsin's trumpeter swans from 1989-2012, the Wisconsin DNR has been able to compile the most complete set of information on the ecology and movements of this species that exists anywhere.

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To contribute to the Wisconsin Trumpeter Swan Fund, please make check payable to the Endangered Resources Fund, and write "Trumpeter Swan Fund" on the memo line. Donations should be mailed to:
Endangered Resources Fund
Bureau of Natural Heritage Conservation
Wisconsin DNR
PO Box 7921
Madison WI 53707

Contributions to the Endangered Resources Fund are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

Last revised: Monday April 14 2014