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DNR Dam Safety
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Owner reponsibilities

  • Owner Responsibility [PDF]
  • Operation – quarterly inspections of the dam by the owner or operator with a written dated log of conditions.
  • Maintenance – cutting of vegetation on embankments and below the toe of the dam, checking the dam’s appurtenances and operating valves, plus timely repairs when needed.
  • Development of the EAP – with assistance by your engineer, local emergency personnel, and county emergency management office, you must develop an acceptable EAP and update it every two years. The EAP will be reviewed and must be approved by the WDNR. A sample EAP is available at the Sample IOM, EAP and Plans.
  • Review and update EAP – every two years the owner need not totally rewrite the EAP, but it must be thoroughly reviewed, then revised in those areas where needed, including the inundation map, and new concurrence signatures must be obtained. The WDNR reviews and approves all updated EAP’s.
  • Partnering with WDNR – the department has the responsibility to issue dam permits and enforce compliance with dam regulations. Owner/department partnering is the key ingredient to a safe dam.
Last Revised: Friday June 27 2014