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Wisconsin's natural communities
about Species of Greatest Conservation Need
conservation actions for SGCNs and natural communities
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Species of Greatest Conservation Need: American marten, Kirtland's Warbler, slender glass lizard, Karner blue butterfly.
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For more information on the Wisconsin Wildlife Action Plan, contact:
Shari Koslowsky
WWAP coordinator

Species of Greatest Conservation Need
Wildlife action plan graphic
From the Wildlife Action Plan

Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) have low and/or declining populations and are in need of conservation action. Included are species already listed as endangered or threatened and those on the Wisconsin Natural Heritage working list. The table below provides links to SGCN information and photos along with data from the Wildlife Action Plan, when available.

Note: The information presented here comes from the 2005 Wisconsin Wildlife Action Plan. The 2015 revision has been submitted to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for approval. Our website content will be updated when the plan has been approved.

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Herptile Species of Greatest Conservation Need
Common Name Scientific Name
Blanchard's Cricket FrogAcris blanchardi
Blanding's TurtleEmydoidea blandingii
Butler's GartersnakeThamnophis butleri
Eastern MassasaugaSistrurus catenatus
Eastern RibbonsnakeThamnophis sauritus
Four-toed SalamanderHemidactylium scutatum
GophersnakePituophis catenifer
Gray RatsnakePantherophis spiloides
Lined SnakeTropidoclonion lineatum
Mink FrogLithobates septentrionalis
North American RacerColuber constrictor
Ornate Box TurtleTerrapene ornata
Pickerel FrogLithobates palustris
Plains GartersnakeThamnophis radix
Prairie Ring-necked SnakeDiadophis punctatus arnyi
Prairie SkinkPlestiodon septentrionalis
QueensnakeRegina septemvittata
Six-lined RacerunnerAspidoscelis sexlineata
Slender Glass LizardOphisaurus attenuatus
Smooth SoftshellApalone mutica
Timber RattlesnakeCrotalus horridus
Western RibbonsnakeThamnophis proximus
Western WormsnakeCarphophis vermis
Wood TurtleGlyptemys insculpta

Wisconsin's Wildlife Action Plan COA maps and reports funded in part by The Conservation Fund [exit DNR] in partnership with The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation [exit DNR]

Last revised: Monday, July 27, 2015