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Wisconsin's natural communities
about Species of Greatest Conservation Need
conservation actions for SGCNs and natural communities
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Species of Greatest Conservation Need: American marten, Kirtland's Warbler, slender glass lizard, Karner blue butterfly.
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For more information on the Wisconsin Wildlife Action Plan, contact:
Shari Koslowsky
WWAP coordinator

Species of Greatest Conservation Need
Wildlife action plan graphic
From the Wildlife Action Plan

Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) have low and/or declining populations and are in need of conservation action. Included are species already listed as endangered or threatened and those on the Wisconsin Natural Heritage working list. The table below provides links to SGCN information and photos along with data from the Wildlife Action Plan, when available.

Note: The information presented here comes from the 2005 Wisconsin Wildlife Action Plan. The 2015 revision has been submitted to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for approval. Our website content will be updated when the plan has been approved.

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Fish Species of Greatest Conservation Need
Common Name Scientific Name
American EelAnguilla rostrata
Black BuffaloIctiobus niger
Black RedhorseMoxostoma duquesnei
Blue SuckerCycleptus elongatus
Bluntnose DarterEtheostoma chlorosoma
Crystal DarterCrystallaria asprella
Gilt DarterPercina evides
GoldeyeHiodon alosoides
Gravel ChubErimystax x-punctatus
Lake ChubsuckerErimyzon sucetta
Lake SturgeonAcipenser fulvescens
Least DarterEtheostoma microperca
Longear SunfishLepomis megalotis
Mud DarterEtheostoma asprigene
Ozark MinnowNotropis nubilus
PaddlefishPolyodon spathula
Pallid ShinerHybopsis amnis
Pugnose ShinerNotropis anogenus
Redfin ShinerLythrurus umbratilis
River RedhorseMoxostoma carinatum
Shoal ChubMacrhybopsis hyostoma
Shortjaw CiscoCoregonus zenithicus
Skipjack HerringAlosa chrysochloris
Slender MadtomNoturus exilis
Starhead TopminnowFundulus dispar
Striped ShinerLuxilus chrysocephalus

Wisconsin's Wildlife Action Plan COA maps and reports funded in part by The Conservation Fund [exit DNR] in partnership with The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation [exit DNR]

Last revised: Monday, July 27, 2015