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Homeowner help
for private wells.
Property transfers
and inspections.

Well notification

Since 2004, Wisconsin law requires that a well owner provide advance notice to DNR before construction of any new private well that is not a high capacity well. The law recognizes the importance of proper location and construction for all wells. In order to increase the number of compliance inspections of private wells, section 281.34(3), Wisconsin Statutes [exit DNR], requires advanced notice before any new private well is constructed. Exceptions to the notification requirement are high capacity wells, reconstruction of existing wells and wells on Native American property.

Before constructing a private well

  1. Contact a licensed well professional. All wells must be constructed by a licensed water well driller, or a registered rig operator working under the supervision of a licensed water well driller. The only exception is that a property owner can drive or drill a well on their own property.
  2. Obtain a Well Notification number prior to constructing a well. This applies to both drilled wells and driven point wells. For high capacity wells or other wells that require written DNR approval, a different notification process is used.
    • A Well Notification must be purchased prior to well construction.
    • The Well Notification fee is $50.50. The fee and number are not refundable or transferable.
    • A Well Notification can be obtained at any of the 1500 locations where you can purchase a DNR hunting or fishing license. You can also make an on-line purchase [exit DNR] of a Well Notification for an additional $1.00 fee.
    • Well Notification and Fee Payment Instructions [PDF]
    • Either the well owner or the well constructor can purchase the Well Notification number. Regardless of who pays the fee, it is the well constructor’s responsibility to obtain a copy of the receipt showing the DNR Notification Number before commencing work on the well.
    When purchasing a Well Notification, be prepared to identify the following items.
    • Name of well driller
    • Name of pump installer
    • Well type - new or replacement
    • Well county
    • Name of city, village or township
    • Street name and address #
    • Nearest intersecting road or highway
    • Name of property owner

After well construction

A Well Construction Report must be completed and submitted to DNR within 30 days of well construction. The well driller will generally submit the report on behalf of the well owner. If you drill or drive the well on your own property, contact DNR to obtain a Well Construction Report form. The Well Notification number must be listed on the lower right hand corner of the DNR Well Construction Report beneath the signature line.

Contact information
For more information regarding well notification, contact:
Deb Lyons-Roehl
Bureau of Drinking Water and Groundwater
Last revised: Tuesday October 20 2015