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Water conservation and efficiency

» 2012 Water Conservation and Efficiency Program Review [Exit DNR]

Wisconsin has abundant water resources that are the foundation for safe drinking water, recreational opportunities, and economic activity. The careful stewardship of these resources through water conservation and efficient use is critical to protecting this abundance and maintaining these uses.

The DNR along with the Public Service Commission and Department of Safety and Professional Services (formerly the Department of Commerce) developed water conservation and water use efficiency Great Lakes Basin Goals and Objectives [PDF], recently updated in 2011 with the following mission:

“Sustainably manage the quantity and quality of water in the state to ensure that water is available to be used to protect and improve our health, economy and environment now and in the future.”

And the following goals:

  1. Ensuring improvement of the waters and water dependent natural resources.
  2. Protecting and restoring hydrologic and ecosystem integrity.
  3. Retaining the quantity of surface water and groundwater.
  4. Ensuring sustainable use of waters.
  5. Promoting the efficiency of use and reducing losses and waste of water.

Wisconsin statues require the DNR to implement a statewide water conservation and efficiency program. This program is implemented in part through administrative rule, NR 852, effective January 1, 2011. See the Water Conservation and Efficiency Factsheet [PDF 141KB] for more information on this rule.

Contact us with your success stories

We are always looking for good ideas from businesses, individuals, and organizations that have had success with water conservation and water use efficiency to help develop Wisconsin's program. Please contact us if you have experience with successful water conservation and efficiency measures in any of the following sectors: industrial, commercial, public water supply, golf course irrigation, agricultural irrigation or livestock, or power production.


Resources [exit DNR]

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Last revised: Wednesday September 14 2016