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Wisconsin's champion trees

The Wisconsin DNR maintains records on the largest trees in the state. We call them champion trees. The champion tree records are a result of the work of many people such as yourself. The records are now easily searchable by genus-species, common name, or county.

Many of the records, however, are quite old and out of date. Some records are incomplete. Some trees listed may now be gone or have lost branches and leaders, so they may no longer be champions. Any help you can provide to update or complete the records would be very much appreciated! We welcome your emailed updates to the list. You can also nominate a new champion tree.

The DNR keeps big tree records to encourage the appreciation of Wisconsin's forest and trees. Hunting for the big ones can put you in touch with our natural resources heritage. Remember, there are still many trees out there, waiting to be discovered. Why not be the one to find them?

Happy big tree hunting!

Last revised: Wednesday September 18 2013