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Reforestation supplies

Listed below are several methods for protecting and caring for tree plantings.


Shelters protect trees from animal browse and improve initial height growth by creating a "greenhouse" effect. They make seedlings easier to locate and protect the trees from herbicide damage. Tree shelters do not eliminate the need for vegetation control and they require annual maintenance. Netting should be placed on the top of shelters to prevent the accidental death of birds in search of nesting sites.

Shelters block a significant quantity of incoming light, so they should be used in full sun conditions. Tree shelters are used primarily with high value hardwoods and the cost may not be economically justified for many landowners. Other problems associated with the use of shelters include stem dieback and rodent nesting. After a few years, tree shelters may actually inhibit sapling growth, so shelters should be removed once terminal shoots have emerged from the shelter top and the sapling becomes rigid enough to stand on its own.

Mulches and vegetation mats

Mulches and vegetation mats are used to suppress weed growth, retain soil moisture and reduce erosion. Mulches can include bark, sawdust, straw, wood chips or other materials. Mulches must be applied to a depth adequate to suppress weed growth (i.e., 2-3 inches), but should not be heaped or mounded immediately next to the seedling. Mulches are labor intensive to apply and can attract rodents seeking areas for nesting. Vegetation mats are typically made from plastics or natural fibers. They suppress weed growth while still allowing water infiltration. The primary disadvantage of mats is the high cost.

Root dips and gels

Root dips and gels are hydrating gels used to coat seedling roots prior to handling and planting operations. Its primary purpose is to prevent drying of the seedling’s roots during the planting process.

Animal repellants

Animal repellants are used to deter browsing by whitetail deer and rabbits. Browsing, especially by deer, has been an increasing problem for landowners planting tree seedlings. Repellants are usually a liquid that is sprayed onto the tree seedlings. They repel pests by making the trees smell or taste bad. Repellants must be reapplied periodically to maintain their effectiveness.

Bud caps

Bud caps are pieces of paper or plastic mesh that are stapled over the terminal (top) bud to deter browsing during the winter months.

Places to purchase

For your reforestation supply needs, please refer to the following list of vendors.

  Planting Supplies Critter Controls
Company Address City/State Zip Phone Fax web site Planting Bars Root Dips Weed Mats Fencing Repellents Tree Shelters
David Ruffalo - bare root seedlings 3321 Polk St Kansasville WI 53139 262-914-1152     X X X X X X
Ben Meadows Company PO Box 5277 Janesville  WI 53547 800-241-6401 800-628-2068 www.benmeadows.com X X X X X X
Cascade Forest Tree Nursery 21995 Fillmore Road Cascade  IA 52033 563-852-3042 563-852-5004 www.cascadeforestry.com X X X     X
Chief River Nursery W8869 River Rd Ojibwa, WI 54862 800-367-9254 866-226-5204 www.chiefrivernursery.com   X     X  
Critterfence P.O. Box 220 Pleasant Valley, CT 06063 860-921-7900 860-238-3299 www.critterfence.com       X    
Fickle Hill Fence and Supply   CA   888-633-3623 707-822-0403 www.ficklehillfence.com       X    
Forestry Suppliers Inc 205 West Rankin St Jackson  MS 39284 800-647-5368 800-543-4203 www.forestry-suppliers.com X X X X X X
Gempler’s PO Box 44993 Madison  WI 53744 800-382-8473   www.gemplers.com       X X  
Golden Sands RCD 1462 Strongs Ave Stevens Point  WI 54481 715-343-6215 715-345-5358 www.goldensandsrcd.org     X   X X
Great Lakes Nursery W2390 County Rd J Gleason  WI 54435 888-733-3564 715-873-3416 www.greatlakesnursery.com X X     X X
GSI Geo Synthetics Inc W239 N428 Pewaukee Rd Waukesha  WI 53188 800-444-5523   www.geo-synthetics.com       X    
Itasca Greenhouse, Inc. 26385 Blackwater Rd., PO Box 273 Cohasset, MN 55721 800-538 8733 218-328 9843 www.itascagreenhouse.com X X X X X X
KF Evergreens 9629 Camp Ave Sparta  WI 54656 800-458-7275 715-597-3130 www.kfevergreens.com   X        
National Wild Turkey Federation PO Box 530 Edgefield  SC 29824 800-843-6983   http://turkey-shoppe.nwtf.org/landmanagement-trees.html X   X     X
PLANTRA 2508 Northland Drive Mendota Heights, MN 55120 800-951-3806 651-681-2067 www.plantra.com     X   X X
Plantskydd           www.plantskydd.com         X  
Southwest Badger RCD 150 W Alona Ln Lancaster  WI 53813 608-723-6377   www.treeprotection.org     X   X X
Timber Management LLC 385 Northhaven Drive  Robins, IA 52328 319-573-0615   timbermgmt@yahoo.com           X
Tree Pro 3180 West 250 North West Lafayette  IN 47906 800-875-8071   www.treepro.com   X X     X
Treessentials Company 60 E. Plato Blvd., Ste. 130 St. Paul, MN 55107 800-248-8239 800-809-5818 www.treessentials.com     X   X X
Wayside Fencing 63 Third Ave. Bayshore, NY 11706 800-847-7789 631-968-6928 www.waysidefence.com       X    
Wheeler's Laura's Lane Nursery PO Box 232 Plainfield  WI 54966 715-366-2477 715-366-8202 www.lauraslanenursery.com X X     X  
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