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Hardwood species

Listing of hardwood species available for purchase from the DNR's State Nursery Program.

  • Aspen (Populus Spp.)
  • Birch, River (Betula Nigra)
  • Birch, White (Betula Papyrifera)
  • Birch, Yellow (Betula Alleghaniensis)
  • Butternut (Juglans Cinerea)
  • Cherry, Black (Prunus Serotina)
  • Cottonwood (Populus Deltoides)
  • Hickory, Shagbark (Carya Ovata)
  • Maple, Red (Acer Rubrum)
  • Maple, Silver (Acer Saccharinum)
  • Maple, Sugar (Acer Saccharum)
  • Oak, Bur (Quercus Macrocarpa)
  • Oak, Red (Quercus Rubra)
  • Oak, White (Quercus Alba)
  • Oak, Swamp White (Quercus Bicolor)
  • Sycamore (Platanus Occidentalis)
  • Walnut, Black (Juglans Nigra)
Last revised: Monday February 11 2013