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Gregg Breese
Gregg Breese
Sector development specialist

Brewing sector

Berres Coffee Roasters
Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters made a simple modification to the packaging process to remove one-half inch of film from each bag of coffee, conserving more than a half mile of plastic each month.

The brewing sector includes breweries, coffee roasters and businesses that supply products to those brewers. Gregg Breese works with these businesses to help them achieve superior environmental performance. Every company that Gregg is working with is participating in the DNR's Green Tier program, or is in the application process.

Brewing in Wisconsin

Brewing is a cherished tradition in Wisconsin. From the early days of statehood to today, Wisconsin is a leader in the brewing industry. Once again, Wisconsin is setting the gold standard in brewing with our Green Tier participants. From the malts to the consumers, these businesses are bound by the common thread of being sustainable while producing world class results and flavors.

Come and take a tour of the brewing companies that are committed to superior environmental performance. Find a brewery to enjoy knowing they are not just meeting environmental standards...they are exceeding them!

Last revised: Thursday October 09 2014