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Fishing WisconsinWinnebago System sturgeon spearing 2014

Big fish to date

John Skahen registered a 161.0 pound, 77.1” sturgeon at Quinney. The fish was the largest fish taken during the 2014 season.

Planning ahead - Sturgeon spearing season 2015 opener - February 14, 2015

It's over!

OSHKOSH, February 13. Well it’s all over for the 2014 sturgeon spearing season, and I’m sure many spearers are already looking forward to 2015.  A total of 89 spearers harvested fish on the final day of the season, bringing the season total on Lake Winnebago to 1,513 fish.  95 of these fish (6.3%) tipped the scales at 100 pounds or larger, which is the most fish over 100 pounds ever registered in a season. 

The largest fish harvested today was registered at Jerry’s Bar by Sheri Rasmussen and tipped the scales at 137.2 pounds, measuring 72.5”.  The 2nd largest fish of today was a 129.2 pound, 71.8” fish that Robert Granger registered at our Harrison Town Hall station.

Spearing success

New documentary chronicles the sturgeon spearing tradition

The Frozen Chosen is a must-see program for people interested in the culture of Winnebago system sturgeon spearing. Video available for purchase here 

2014 Lake Winnebago - By the numbers as of February 13 - CLOSED

Daily harvest Season harvest Harvest cap
Juvenile females 14 187 320
Adult females 43 718 745
Males 32 608 960
Totals 89 1513 -

2014 Upriver Lakes - Season closed February 10 - Totals

Daily harvest Season harvest Harvest cap
Juvenile females 1 40 80
Adult females 5 87 83
Males 15 199 240
Totals 21 320 -

Daily harvest totals - summary

Daily harvest total summary - Thursday, February 13, 2014 [PDF]

Lake Winnebago system sturgeon spearing regulations

The 2014 Lake Winnebago System Sturgeon Spearing Regulations [PDF]

Sturgeon shanty rentals

If you or someone you know rents shanties for the spearing season on Lake Winnebago and/or the Upriver Lakes, please send the contact information to Ryan Koenigs. Shanty rental information is very popular (and helpful) to first-time sturgeon spearers.

Sturgeon license sales for 2014 season

A total of 11,823 licenses were sold for the upcoming 2014 spearing season on Lake Winnebago (11,355 licenses) and the Upriver Lakes (468 licenses).  This total is down 6.1% from license sales for the 2013 spear season, but still ranks 4th most all time.  We expect to sell a few licenses to 12 year olds before the season begins and maybe 1 or 2 military on leave licenses.  The popularity of the Upriver Lakes lottery fishery continues to grow, as a record 5,863 people applied for an Upriver Lakes license (of which 500 licenses were authorized for purchase).  Interest in this fishery has more than doubled since the current lottery system was implemented 2007. 

Sturgeon spearing culture

The ice-fishing season for lake sturgeon is more about getting together and fishing together than harvesting a lunker.

Contact information
For more information, please contact:
Karl Scheidegger
Fisheries biologist
Last revised: Monday November 17 2014