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Clean Air Hotline
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Small Business Clean Air Assistance Program (SBCAAP)

Wisconsin's Small Business Clean Air Assistance Program (SBCAAP) helps small businesses understand and comply with state and federal air pollution regulations. Section 507 of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments requires each state to operate a small business assistance program comprised of these three elements: technical assistance for business, a compliance advisory panel and a small business ombudsman.

If you have questions or comments about the SBCAAP Web pages, call us at 1-855-889-3021 or send an email to

Small Business Summit

September 10, Racine, WI
Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Wisconsin’s leadership team involved in job creation. This summit will bring cabinet secretaries and state agencies together with small business owners, entrepreneurs and innovators to discuss topics of interest. A box lunch with Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Kleefisch will include an update on Wisconsin’s business climate and economy. For more information, an agenda or to register for the event, go to [exit DNR].

Assistance program

How we can help

  • Are you starting or expanding a business?
  • Does the business include operations that will have emissions of air pollution?
  • Will starting or expanding your business involve construction that includes new buildings or installation of new equipment in an existing building?

Permits may be required under the different environmental regulations in Wisconsin. Some permits must be issued before you begin construction. We can help you figure out how your business is affected by the environmental regulations.

What we do

The SBCAAP serves as a free, advisory and non-regulatory resource to small business owners throughout the state. Through the program, Clean Air specialists work as liaisons between small businesses and state (DNR) and federal (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) regulators. The staff creates "plain language" publications, answers compliance questions, conducts on-site consultations, responds to written and verbal regulatory inquiries, coordinates environmental compliance workshops and directs businesses to other pertinent technical assistance providers. See our annual reports for 2007-2008 [PDF] and 2009 [PDF] to learn more about how our services are utilized.

Our projects have included outreach efforts to small industries and businesses employing 100 or fewer employees engaged in activities like:

  • chromium electroplating;
  • fiberglass reinforced plastics;
  • dry cleaning;
  • industrial adhesives;
  • lithographic printing;
  • motor vehicle refinishing;
  • solvent degreasing;
  • spray painting and coating;
  • wood finishing; and
  • wood furniture manufacturing.

The SBCAAP reaches thousands of businesses each year through meetings, speaking engagements, workshops and publications. The program currently offers many different fact sheets, rule summaries, record keeping and reporting forms, and other tools designed to make environmental compliance easier for Wisconsin businesses. The majority of this information is always available on the SBCAAP web pages.

These key resources can help you learn about which environmental regulations might apply to your business.

  • The DNR's Permit Primer can help you find out which environmental permits might be required. This is a detailed series of questions and answers that walks you through each of DNR's permit programs. Be prepared to spend a good deal of time to go through all sections of the Primer.
  • The Environmental Information Summary lists a range of environmental requirements managed by DNR, EPA, OSHA and others.


If you have questions about environmental regulations and how the SBCAAP can help your business, please feel free to contact us.


Small Business Environmental Council

The Small Business Environmental Council is one element of the three-part Small Business Clean Air Assistance Program. The other elements are the SBCAAP clean air specialists and the small business ombudsman. Each of these three program elements is required in section 507 of the Clean Air Act.

Council membership

There are eight members of the council. Each is appointed for a 3-year term. Seven members are appointed by either the majority and minor leaders from both the State Assembly and Senate (one each, for a total of four) and the Governor (appoints three). The members can either represent the public or are owners or the representatives of owners of a small business. One member represents the state Department of Natural Resources.

Activities and responsibilities

The council is charged with the responsibilities under Wisconsin Statutes section 285.795, related to the requirements of the Clean Air Act as implemented by DNR's Air Program. It meets quarterly to discuss different issues that arise. The council has developed guidelines [PDF] that document its organization with regards to chair/vice chair election, decision making, etc.

The council is to review and comment on how the DNR disseminates information to small businesses, whether the information provided is readable by someone with no technical training, whether new air regulations meet the paperwork reduction act and any difficulties encountered by small businesses trying to comply with the air regulations.

The members also feel that they can contribute to other small businesses by acting as mentors. Based on their different experiences in dealing with environmental regulations, they can offer advice or refer you to resources to help you find your way. If you would like to see the sorts of activities the council has been engaged in over the past years, please review the annual reports.

Agendas and minutes
Date Meeting Agenda Meeting Minutes
July 10, 2014 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
April 24, 2014 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
January 23, 2014 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
October 17, 2013 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
July 25, 2013 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
April 18, 2013 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
January 17, 2013 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
September 11, 2012 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
June 21, 2012 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
May 2, 2012 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
February 21, 2012 Agenda [PDF]  
May 10, 2011   Minutes [PDF]
Annual reports
Current council members
Small Business Environmental Council Members
Richard Klinke
Klinke Cleaners [exit DNR]
Madison WI
Shane Lauterbach
Lauterbach Group, Inc. [exit DNR]
Sussex WI
Amy Litscher
Council Chair
President - Principal environmental scientist
Saga Environmental & Engineering [exit DNR]
Lake Mills WI
Vince Ruffolo
Superior Industrial Coatings
Racine WI

J.D. Tripoli
Vice Chair
Attorney at Law
Simandl Law Group, S.C. [exit DNR]
Waukesha, WI 53186
(262) 923-8661

Representative André Jacque
State Representative [exit DNR]
2nd Assembly District
Wisconsin State Assembly
Jeanne Whitish
Chief executive officer
Purple Cow Organics LLC [exit DNR]
Middleton WI
Past council members

The Small Business Clean Air Assistance Program (SBCAAP), existing Small Business Environmental Council members and small businesses throughout Wisconsin would like to thank former Small Business Environmental Council members for their service. Volunteers like these enhance the services of the SBCAAP and provide a voice for small businesses.

Past Council Members
Steve Aldridge, Sta-Care, Inc. - retired Jay Meili, former CEO and owner of Molded Dimensions, Inc. - retired
Pam Christenson, former Wisconsin Department of Commerce representative; currently Economic Development Director, MG&E Bob Nicholson, US Filter/Zimpro Environmental, Inc. - retired
Joseph Dannecker, formerly an Attorney with Godfrey and Kahn James Reynolds, Cast tools, Inc. - retired
Pat Haskin, Tomahawk Monument Company - retired Stuart Rosenberg, formerly of Madison Area Builders Association
Gerald Jones, Banking industry Hampton Rothwell, former Wisconsin Department of Commerce representative
Linda Katz, currently CEO of Molded Dimensions, Inc. Michael Simpson, Environmental Attorney, Reinhart, Boerner, Van Deuren, s.c. – retired
Carl Komassa, a SBEC member since 1994, passed away September 27, 2010.
A true small business ambassador, Carl's positive and energetic personality are greatly missed.
Lee Sucharda, formerly of Design North, Inc.
Dennis Leong, former Wisconsin Department of Commerce representative Mary Ann Sumi, former Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources representative
Dan Martino, Jr., General Manager, Martino's Master Dry Cleaners Pete Van Horn, Van Horn Construction - retired
Bernie Mattson, former Wisconsin Department of Commerce representative Lynda Wiese, former Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources representative


Small business ombudsman

Kimberly Ake is the DNR's small business ombudsman. Contact her by email or by phone at 608-267-6743 .

The small business ombudsman is one component of the state's small business technical assistance program, created through the 1990 amendments to the Clean Air Act. The small business ombudsman has three main responsibilities: communication, advocacy and compliance assistance.

  • The ombudsman's primary role is to serve as a liaison to small business, connecting small businesses with both DNR staff and the information they need.
  • The ombudsman also serves as an advocate for small business. In this role, the ombudsman provides recommendations on behalf of small business and facilitates resolution of disputes.
  • Finally, in coordination with DNR's programs, the ombudsman provides compliance assistance to small businesses and makes recommendations about regulations that may affect them.

The ombudsman's role has its origin in the Clean Air Act, but in Wisconsin and many other states the responsibilities are expanded to include all environmental regulatory programs that affect small business.

For more information on the national Small Business Ombudsman and Small Business Environmental Assistance Programs nationwide, visit the Small Business Environmental website [exit DNR].

Last revised: Tuesday August 12 2014