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For more information about the training library contact:
Mick Skwarok
Remediation & Redevelopment Program

Remediation and Redevelopment Program training library

The Remediation and Redevelopment Program is committed to providing timely and quality training to our customers and colleagues. Recordings of recent presentations, webinars and teleconferences are available here for your convenience. If there is a topic you would like addressed in a future webinar or teleconference, please contact Mick Skwarok.

Issues and Trends

Issues and Trends webinars

The Issues and Trends training sessions cover a variety of technical and policy issues affecting environmental practitioners, local government specialists and others whose work involves assistance or oversight by the RR Program.

2017 series

Check out the Issues & Trends webinars [PDF] for 2017.

Date Presentation Audio/Video
2/8/17 Asbestos Issues During Building Demolitions [PDF] Audio [MP3 Length 00:41:15]
1/11/17 PCB Remediation in Wisconsin: How PCB Sample Results are Used, Cleanup Options and Steps [PDF] Audio [MP3 Length 00:51:32]

2016 series

Date Presentation Audio/Video
12/7/16 Hazardous Waste Determinations and Management Options at Remediation Sites in Wisconsin [PDF] Audio [MP3 Length 01:00:51]
11/9/16 Organic Chemistry Refresher - Petroleum & Chlorinated Solvents [PDF] Webinar [VIDEO Length 01:07:40]
10/5/16 Maintenance Plans: Designing for Compliance after Site Closure [PDF] Audio [MP3 Length 00:30:01]
9/7/16 LNAPL Saturation Concepts [PDF] Audio [MP3 Length 00:48:49]
8/3/16 Calculating Background Levels for Common Soil Contaminants [PDF] Audio [MP3 Length 00:43:20]
6/1/16 LNAPL Transmissivity (Tn) – How quickly does petroleum product move within aquifers? [PDF] Audio [MP3 Length 01:04:53]
5/4/16 Post Closure Modifications: Covers and Property Boundary Changes [PDF] Audio [MP3 Length 00:59:28]
4/6/16 Contaminated Materials Management [PDF] Audio not available*
3/2/16 Off-Site Exemption and General Liability Clarification Letters [PDF] Audio [MP3 Length 00:44:30]
2/3/16 Screening Closed BRRTS Sites for Vapor Risk Audio [MP3 Length 00:52:14]
1/20/16 Importing Soil to VPLE Sites [PDF] Audio [MP3 Length 00:54:30]

2015 series

Date Presentation Audio/Video
11/18/15 Integrating NAPL Distribution & Geologic Data [PDF] Audio [MP3 Length 00:57:02]
10/7/15 Operation, Monitoring, and Maintenance for Vapor Mitigation Systems [PDF] Audio not available*
9/2/15 Continuing Obligations Pre- and Post-Closure [PDF] Audio [MP3 Length 00:27:15]
8/5/15 Navigating the Voluntary Party Liability Exemption (VPLE) Program [PDF] Audio [MP3 Length 00:47:17]
7/29/15 Vapor Intrusion Attenuation Factors and EPA’s VI Guidance [PDF] Audio [MP3 Length 00:50:49]
7/15/15 Averaging Soil-Contaminant Concentration Data [PDF] Webinar [VIDEO Length 00:25:18]
7/1/15 Soil Management Requirements under NR 718 [PDF] Audio [MP3 Length 00:51:12]
6/3/15 DNR Case Closure: Vapor Intrusion Continuing Obligations [PDF] Audio [MP3 Length 01:08:30]
5/6/15 Keeping Lenders & LGUs out of Trouble at Contaminated Properties [PDF] Audio [MP3 Length 00:53:41]
3/4/15 LGU Exemption and Property Aquisition [PDF]
Follow-up questions and answers [PDF]
Audio [MP3 Length 00:54:17]

2014 series

Date Presentation Audio/Video
10/15/14 Vapor Intrusion Outreach "Toolkit" [PDF] Webinar [VIDEO Length 00:44:59]
5/28/14 Guidance on cover systems as soil performance remedies [PDF] Webinar [VIDEO Length 00:53:38]
4/17/14 The New Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Standard [PDF] Audio [MP3 Length 00:56:00]
3/6/14 Applicability of the Hazardous Waste Rules to Cleanups [PDF] Audio [MP3 Length 01:10:11]

*Due to a WisLine technical malfunction, the conference call was not recorded.

Brownfields 101

Brownfields 101 - Redevelopment Resources for Local Governments

The DNR's RR Program hosted a day-long seminar on November 2nd, 2016, for local government officials on brownfield redevelopment. Experts discussed strategies and tools to help communities turn around and capitalize on underused or abandoned properties.

Tranformation: Downtown Stevens Point [PDF]
Winner! Winner! Economic Impact of Brownfields Redevelopment in Wisconsin [PDF]
Fundamentals of Wisconsin's Contamination Cleanup Law [PDF]
Brownfields Toolbox: DNR's Programs and Products to Help you Successfully Redevelop Brownfields [PDF]
Federal Resources for Brownfields Redevelopment [PDF]
Ordinances and Acquisition: Control your Site, Control your Future [PDF]
Going Blue at Brownfields: Use of Green Infrastructure for Storm Water Management [PDF]
Inside the Mind of a Brownfield Developer (no presentation for this topic)
Local Brownfield Redevelopment Leaders: Success Stories and Lessons Learned
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