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Mick Skwarok
Remediation & Redevelopment Program

Cleanup and redevelopment conferences and training

Consultants' Day 2015 Registration

Staff from DNR's Remediation & Redevelopment (RR) Program are available to speak at workshops, conferences and meetings in Wisconsin. If you are interested in having someone speak at your event, please contact Mick Skwarok (608-266-9263).

Upcoming seminars and workshops

May Issues & Trends Update

May’s Issues & Trends event is cancelled. The scheduled topic, “PAH Risk Assessment and Changes to the RCL Calculator” was largely covered at the Consultants’ Day events in Stevens Point and Pewaukee. The presentation and others from Consultants' Day 2017 are available on the RR Program training library.

Previous seminars and workshops

April 12 and April 20, 2017: DNR Consultants' Day 2017 Conferences

The DNR's Remediation and Redevelopment Program would like to thank the nearly 300 guests and staff who attended Consultants’ Day events in Stevens Point and Pewaukee. Guests heard from a number of program staff on subjects such as NR 700.11 required submittals, site investigation completeness, PAH reassessment, case closure reconsideration, modifications to continuing obligations, vapor intrusion outreach and more.

The presentation is available on the RR Program training library.

February 8, 2017: Issues & Trends
Environmental Issues for Demolition – Asbestos, Lead, PCBs and More

Ed Lynch, Hazardous Waste Section Chief, will provide an overview of requirements for managing hazardous materials as part of renovation and demolition projects. The DNR's Asbestos Coordinator Mark Davis and Mark Chamberlain, Air Management Specialist, will provide an overview on Wisconsin Administrative Code NR 447 "Control of Asbestos Emissions." When facilities are undergoing renovation or demolition and asbestos containing materials could be disturbed, the requirements of the EPAs National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAPS) apply. The presentation will discuss the asbestos inspection, notification and disposal requirements for demolition/renovations projects involving commercial/industrial facilities.

The presentation is available on the RR Program training library.

January 11, 2017: Issues & Trends
PCB Remediation in Wisconsin: How PCB Sample Results are Used, Cleanup Options and Steps

Engineer Gary Edelstein and Policy and Technical Resources Section Chief Judy Fassbender provide an overview of PCBs in Wisconsin, including a discussion of the “One Cleanup Program” agreement between DNR and EPA. When PCB contamination is discovered at a cleanup site, Federal Toxic Substances and Control Act (TSCA) requirements can apply. The approach to cleanup may differ from that of sites governed only by Wisconsin’s NR 700 process, but DNR has an agreement with EPA to lead the cleanup at many TSCA regulated sites. The presentation outlines what Responsible Parties need to do when PCBs are discovered and how to work with DNR and EPA to conduct the cleanup in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

The presentation is available on the RR Program training library.

December 7, 2016: Issues & Trends
Hazardous Waste Determinations and Management Options at Remediation Sites in Wisconsin

Gary Edelstein, an engineer with the Remediation and Redevelopment Program, presents an overview of the RR Program’s “Guidance for Hazardous Waste Remediation,” with concentration on hazardous waste and contained out determinations, contaminated media management options and DNR review procedures. The Program is provides this training in part to respond to recent inquiries regarding guidance implementation and agency review procedures, including who has responsibility for making certain decisions. It also provides an introduction for those who aren’t familiar, and a refresher for those who are.

The presentation is available on the RR Program training library.

Last revised: Thursday April 27 2017