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Cleanup and redevelopment workshops and conferences

DNR speaking at the Wisconsin Counties Association
Attendees ask questions about vapor intrusion at Consultants' Day 2013.

Staff from the DNR's Remediation & Redevelopment (RR) Program are available to speak at workshops, conferences and meetings in Wisconsin. If you are interested in having someone speak at your event, please contact Mick Skwarok (608-266-9263).

Upcoming seminars and workshops

April 25: ASTM Greener Cleanup Standard Guide: An Introduction (webinar)

The Greener Cleanup Standard Guide (E2893-13) promotes a five step decision-making process to reduce the environmental footprint of contaminated site assessment and cleanup projects. Through this webinar, participants will gain insight on the genesis of this ASTM effort, potential applications of the guide, the mechanics of actually using it at a project, and how stakeholders are considering its use. The two-hour Webinar includes a 30-minute closing Q&A session.

For more information visit the CLU-IN training and events webpage [exit DNR].

Previous seminars and workshops

March 19 & 25: TAB Webinar on Greener Cleanup for Brownfields: Q&A

Are you cleaning up a brownfield? Thinking of applying for an EPA assessment or cleanup grant? Do you want to save money and protect the environment and human health? Learn more about greening your brownfields assessment and cleanup work plans by attending the Greener Cleanup for Brownfields webinar being hosted by the Kansas State University Technical Assistance to Brownfields (TAB) program.

For more information and to register, please visit the TAB webinar webpage.

Issues and Trends webinars

The RR Program is hosting a new webinar series for 2014. These webinars will take the place of an in-person, statewide “Consultant’s Day” event, such as the one held in Stevens Point in the spring of 2013.

Several webinars will be offered over the course of the year. Webinar schedules will be announced in upcoming editions of the RR Report.

Date Title Presentation Audio
3/6/14 Applicability of the Hazardous Waste Rules to Cleanups
Handout [PDF]
Full page [PDF]
Download [MP3]
4/17/14 The New Phase I Environmental Site Assessement Standard
Handout [PDF]
Full page [PDF]
Download [MP3]

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NR 700 webinars

The NR 700 training information has moved to the Wisconsin cleanup rules and laws webpage.

Last revised: Thursday April 17 2014