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Do a little, save a lot!

Did you know that the average adult breathes about 20,000 times each day and that both children and the elderly face a greater risk of being affected by air pollution, as do people with heart, respiratory or other ailments. Our daily use of electricity and fuel contributes to air pollution. That means the choices we make every day can directly affect air quality and our health.

Clean Air Tip of the Week

For the week of February 22, 2015:
Recycling our waste is a great way to keep the air clean. Life cycle analysis of waste has shown that recycling common things, such as paper, cans and bottles, significantly reduces air emissions overall. A great example is the aluminum can. Recycling an aluminum can save 95% of the energy used to make aluminum out of virgin bauxite ore. Recycling other metals, paper, plastic and glass also saves significant amounts of energy. Visit EPA's WARM [exit DNR] tool to calculate your own recycling emissions savings.

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Last revised: Monday February 23 2015