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For more information on Title V permit petitions, contact:
Barbara Pavliscak

Title V air permit petitions

The DNR has hosted a series of public meetings to provide information and an opportunity to comment on issues related to recent petitions granted by U.S. EPA objecting to the issuance of Title V (air) Operation Permits. These issues include:

  • including various plans in permit application and review documents;
  • adequate compliance demonstration;
  • including information and limits from prior permits and permit applications; and
  • looking back at Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) decisions.

DNR documents

Petition letters and documents

Past meetings and materials

Date Purpose Materials
March 14, 2012 Present latest version of procedures/guidance on "including application information and old limits" and "looking back at PSD determinations". Issue paper: Information from Permit Applications and Old/Previous Permit Conditions in Title V Permits [PDF]
Notes: March 14, 2012 Discussion [PDF]
January 24, 2012 Present draft procedures/guidance on "adequate compliance demonstration" and "including application information and old limits"; present draft process for "looking back at PSD determinations". Discuss Permit Shield policy. Presentations: Draft guidance:
November 8, 2011 Present final processes for "including application information and old limits", discuss and receive feedback on looking back at PSD determinations. Presentation: Adequate Compliance Demonstration [PDF]
Issue Papers: Notes: November 8, 2011 Discussion [PDF]
October 12, 2011 Present final process for "adequate compliance demonstration" issues, discuss and receive feedback on proposals for "including application information and limits from old permits". Issue Paper: Adequate Compliance Demonstration [PDF]
Presentation: Oct 12, 2011: Adequate Compliance Demonstration [PDF]
Notes: October 12, 2011 Discussion [PDF]
September 22, 2011 Recap and present progress on "including plans in permits", recap issues on "including application information and limits from old permits" and discuss/receive feedback on proposals for "adequate compliance demonstration" issues. Presentations: Draft proposal: Handling Old Permit Conditions in Operation Permit [PDF]
Issue paper: Adequate Compliance Demonstration [PDF]
Notes: September 22, 2011 Discussion [PDF]
March 24, 2010 Discuss and receive feedback on adequate compliance demonstrations in operation permits. Issue Paper & Presentation: Compliance Demonstration Adequacy in Title V permits [PDF]
February 24, 2010 Discuss and receive feedback including information and limits from prior permit and permit applications. Issue Paper & Presentation: Handling information from permit applications and previous permits in Title V permits [PDF]
January 20, 2010 Discuss and receive feedback on including various plans in permit application and review documents. Issue Paper & Presentation: Handling plans in permit applications and in Title V permits [PDF]
November 4, 2009 Present initial set of issues and discuss process. Initial presentation of issues [PDF]
Last revised: Tuesday October 29 2013