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what type of renewal application to use.
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For information on air permit renewals, contact:
Megan Corrado

Air permit renewals

Many Wisconsin companies have one or more operation permits. A company may have one operation permit for the entire company or the company may have an operation permit for part of the company. All operation permits expire every five years and must be renewed. The permittee must apply for a renewal at least six months prior to expiration but no more than 18 months prior to expiration. The company must submit two copies of the application.

There are two types of renewal applications: standard and streamlined. Read more about how to apply for air permits.

Standard renewals

Although most companies do not need to submit a standard application, many opt to use the standard application process for several reasons. Some companies prefer to use the standard renewal application as an opportunity to review all information that had been submitted previously in applications to the DNR. In some cases, the company has more accurate or new information that they want to submit. In other cases, there are so many changes that it seems simpler and more efficient to start over rather than refer to the previously submitted application to highlight the changes, corrections and improvements.

Each facility consists of one or more emissions units. An emissions unit is any equipment or activity that results in emissions of air pollutants. All standard renewal applications must provide a detailed description for each emissions unit at the company, which includes information about the unit, all pollutant emissions, all applicable requirements and information on how the company will comply with the requirements. The department provides standardized forms to collect this detailed description. A typical emissions unit will require five or six forms.

Streamlined renewals

Most companies submit a streamlined application because they have already submitted extensive application forms and other materials where the information is still accurate and up to date. The streamlined application allows the applicant to reference previously submitted information and can be used to highlight changes to previously submitted information. The streamlined application is also very effective where the company has submitted construction permit applications, revision applications and other information subsequent to receiving their operation permit.

Last revised: Thursday January 04 2018