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Grant Hetherington
Air Management Program

Emission reduction credits

The DNR's Air Management Program tracks emission reduction credits (ERCs) as prescribed under s NR 408.05 and .06, Wis. Adm. Code. These credits are used in several southeastern Wisconsin counties to offset emissions from new construction.

Section NR 408.05, Wis. Adm. Code, requires ERCs be used to "sufficiently offset" the emissions increase from a new or modified source.

Section NR 408.06, Wis. Adm. Code, supplies the criteria for quantifying the ERCs generated and thus the offsets used. When generated, the ERCs must be permanent, quantifiable, surplus (i.e., not to be used in the future), real and federally enforceable. The ERCs are certified under a permit with federally enforceable conditions. The reductions to meet reasonably available control technology (RACT) cannot be certified as ERCs to be used as offsets. Therefore as such the credits generated at one point may be reduced as new volatile organic compound (VOC) or nitrogen oxide (NOx) RACTs are promulgated. These reduction of "values" of these credits are checked by DNR when they are used as offsets for construction permits.

The offset ratio (i.e, the amount of ERCs needed to reduce one ton of VOC or NOx in a construction permit) differs according to nonattainment designation. Currently, the ozone nonattainment areas in the state are either designated as moderate with an offset ratio of at least 1.15 to 1, according to s. NR 408.06(4)(b), Wis. Adm. Code, or as basic (for Door, Kewaunee and Manitowoc Counties) with an offset ratio of 1 to 1. Wisconsin attains standards for NOx in all counties so the current NOx offset ratio is 1 to 1.

Credits by permit

Emission reduction credits by permit

Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) Emission Reduction Credits (ERC) by Permit
FID Company Name DNR Permit Identifying ERC Tons ERC Purchaser of Emission Credits
268013460 City of Waukesha Incinerator 03-DJH-325-OP [PDF] 45.6  
252011540 CNH America 04-DJH-200-OP [PDF] 12.2  
241028920 Cudahy Tanning 08-DJH-701-OP [PDF] 2.3  
246003780 GAMCO 05-DJH-132-OP [PDF] 16.58 S.C. Johnson [PDF] - 16.58 tons
246004000 We Energies - Port Washington 05-DJH-149-OP [PDF] 2,099.3  
246046790 City of Port Washington Municipal Incinerator 04-DJH108-OP [PDF] 13.1 Charter Manufacturing [PDF] - 13.1 tons
Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Emission Reduction Credits (ERC) by Permit
FID Company Name DNR Permit Identifying ERC Tons ERC Purchaser of Emission Credits
241006810 Briggs and Stratton 94-DAA-258-OP [PDF] 83 Strattec Security Corporation [PDF] - 15 tons
We Energies [PDF]- 65 tons
S C Johnson [PDF] - 3 tons
268011370 Briggs and Stratton 94-DAA-263-OP [PDF] 23 We Energies [PDF] - 23 tons
268013460 City of Waukesha Incinerator 03-DJH-325-OP [PDF] 22.8  
252011540 CNH America 04-DJH-200-OP [PDF] 33.9 Quad/Graphics [PDF] - 33.9 tons
241028920 Cudahy Tanning 08-DJH-701-OP [PDF] 59.3  
241023420 Crown Cork & Seal 99-JCH-167-OP [PDF] 237 We Energies [PDF] - 237 tons
241311620 Delco Electronics (a.k.a. Capital Returns Inc.) 96-DAA-236 [PDF] 7  
268117850 Design House 01-JCH-036-OP [PDF] 93 S C Johnson [PDF] - 93 tons
241005600 Harley Davidson 00-JCH-064-OP [PDF] 10  
252236490 Johnson Diversey   9 Purchased from SC Johnson
241031340 La Saffre Yeast 05-DJH-177-OP [PDF] 116.2  
241031340 La Saffre Yeast 07-DJH-300-OP [PDF] 68.7  
241026720 Marconi Communications 99-DJH-281-OP [PDF] 26 SC Johnson [PDF] - 26 tons
241021000 Masco 95-MWH-047 [PDF] 28 We Energies [PDF] - 28 tons
268144250 Maysteel 02-DJH-246-OP [PDF] 16.76  
267004320 Midas International 94-MWH-072 [PDF] 16  
241228240 Milwaukee Die Casting 96-DAA-269-OP [PDF] 8  
241030790 Moebius Printing 94-MWH-090 [PDF] 58  
268012250 Quad/Graphics-Pewaukee 05-DJH-555-OP [PDF] 24.21  
268183080 Quad/Graphics-Sussex 04-DJH-222-OP [PDF] 21.02  
252007910 Rainfair 93-DAA-257 [PDF]
01-JCH-011-OP [PDF]
167 Racine County Economic Development Corporation [PDF] - 20 tons
SC Johnson [PDF] - 100 tons
Badger Generating Station [PDF] - 47 tons
460061250 Richardson Yachts 04-DJH-292-OP [PDF] 56.21  
252006370 S. C. Johnson-Waxdale 94-MWH-087 [PDF] 91 SC Johnson sold 9 tons of the 93 ton Design House ERCs to Johnson Diversey and used 35 tons for Permit 04-POY-343. 26 tons of ERCs were transferred to SC Johnson from Marconi Communications per permit 99-DJH-281-OP. 16 tons of ERCS remain under SC Johnson's ownership following usage of 84 tons of the 100 tons purchased from Rainfair for permit 94-MWH-087.
267088850 Serigraph-Plant 1 02-DJH-241 [PDF] 11  
267065260 Serigraph-Plant 2 87-DAA-228 [PDF] 30 We Energies [PDF] - 30 tons
241006810 Strattec 95-EJD-279-OP [PDF] 9  
241012970 Tower Automotive 99-DJH-265-OP
270.8 We Energies [PDF] - 120.8 tons
Badger Generating Station [PDF] - 100 tons
Badger Generating Station [PDF] - 50 tons
241012970 Tower Automotive 00-DJH-269-OP [PDF] 103.8  

Credits by company

Emission reduction credits by company

Emission reduction credits are not specifically assigned to a facility until after they are used. Consequently, the table below lists only the company name and the amount of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and/or volatile organic compounds (VOC) ERCs that each entity holds.

Emission Reduction Credits (ERC) by Company
Company Name Tons VOC ERC Tons NOx ERC
Badger Generating Station 150 47
CNH America   12.2
Charter Steel   13.10
City of Waukesha 22.8 45.6
Cudahy Tanning 59.3 2.3
Charter Steel   13.10
Delco Electronics (a.k.a. Capital Returns, Inc.) 7  
Harley Davidson 10  
La Saffre Yeast 184.9  
Maysteel 16.76  
Midas International 16  
Milwaukee Die Casting 8  
Moebius Printing 58  
Quad/Graphics 79.13  
Racine County Economic Development Corporation 20  
Richardson Yachts 56.21  
S C Johnson 91 16.58
Strattec Security 24  
Serigraph Inc 11  
Tower Automotive 103.8  
We Energies 478.8 2,099.3
Wisconsin Film and Bag 15.43  



The DNR has attempted to compile a complete list of ERCs based on available documents. If you believe that an ERC should be part of the list or know that a company has completed a transaction and it no longer owns an ERC, please contact Ralph Patterson (608-267-7546) so that he can update the list.

Last revised: Friday July 21 2017