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Richfield Dairy WPDES permit

Wisconsin Environmental Policy Act (WEPA) compliance and modified high capacity well approval

In December 2013 the Wisconsin Court of Appeals ruled that the record in the case does not demonstrate that the department conducted a proper inquiry into the cumulative effects of the two proposed high capacity wells sufficient to comply with WEPA (Ch. NR 150, Wis. Adm. Code). The Court of Appeals directed the Circuit Court to remand the matter to the department to consider the cumulative effects of the proposed high capacity wells in conjunction with other past, present and reasonably anticipated high capacity wells in the area. The department is awaiting further instructions from the Circuit Court.

The modified high capacity well approval, issued in March 2013, was the subject of a contested case hearing. The hearing was held on June 24-27 and December 16-20, 2013. Post-hearing briefing of the case will be completed in May 2014, after which the Administrative Law Judge will issue a decision.

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