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The next exam day is November 4th, 2015.

The deadline to apply is October 7th, 2015.

Exam applications are available on the Forms Webpage.

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Wastewater Operator Certification
Municipal Waterworks Operator Certification
Small Water System (OTM/NN) Operator Certification
Septage Operator Certification and Septage Business Licenses
Landfill Operator Certification

Operator certification program

Operator certification lookup webpage

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Attention Wastewater Operators - NR114 Code Revision

The revised Wisconsin Administrative Code NR114 took effect on July 1, 2015. Refer to the NR114 Revisions Webpage for more information on what changed and how your certification converted.

About the program

The operator certification program is established under chapters NR 114 [PDF] and NR 524 [PDF] Wisconsin Administrative Codes.

The program is responsible for ensuring that various types of professional operators have adequate training to perform the necessary tasks at their facilities.

Type of operator certification


Operators of a wastewater treatment facility.

Municipal waterworks

Operators of a community water system that is owned by, or serves, a city, town, village, county or other municipality. Also included in this definition are county or state owned public institutions for congregate care or correction.

Small water system (OTM/NN)

Operators of an "other than municipal" (OTM) community water system or a non-transient non-community (NN) water system. OTM systems serve groups of 25 or more year-round residents; they can include mobile home parks, apartments, condominiums and other facilities. NN systems serve groups of 25 or more people over six months of the year; examples include schools, day care centers, dairies and cheese plants, factories and industrial facilities.


Septage servicing includes the servicing, hauling and disposal of domestic waste. Individuals working in this industry are required to obtain proper certification and adhere to chs. NR 113 [PDF] and NR 114 [PDF] Wis. Admin. Codes compliance and regulations.


Landfill managers and site operators work at municipal, mixed waste and intermediate size construction and demolition disposal facilities and are subject to certification requirements under ch. NR 524 [PDF] Wis. Admin. Code.

Last revised: Tuesday August 18 2015