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The supplementary materials in this section are to be used in the classroom to help teach the activities found in the Wee Recyclers Activity Guide. To protect and prolong the life of these materials, laminate or cover them with clear contact paper. Directions for suggested use of each item or activity are given in the guide.

  • Colored Pages
  • Black and White Pages
  • Take-Home Pages

    Colored Pages

  • Recycling Labels, 15 pages (PDF, 527KB) - Use in the Wee Recycling Center to identify containers.
  • Litter Red Riding Hood story pages, 12 pages (PDF, 524 KB) - Refer to "The Story of Litter Red Riding Hood."
  • Litter Red Riding Hood take-home sequencing page, 1 page (PDF, 321 KB) -
  • Nature's Recyclers storyboard cut-outs, 4 pages (PDF, 179 KB) - Use these cut-outs along with the narrative found in "Nature's Recyclers Storyboard."
  • Recycle Memory Game, 1 page (PDF, 160 KB) - Directions for the use of these cards are in "Recycle Memory Game."
  • Recycle Sort Game, 3 pages (PDF, 306 KB) - Directions for using the gameboard are in "Recycle Sort Game."
  • Wee Recycling Center sign, 1 page (PDF, 67 KB)
  • The Plastic Code, 2 pages (PDF, 104 KB)
  • Wee Posters - to be used in conjunction with activities found in the Wee Recyclers Activity Guide. These posters are also found in the guide in hard copy.

    Black and White Pages

  • Landfill Picture (PDF, 1.2 MB) - Use this picture when you teach "The Overflow Problem."
  • Recycle Symbol page (PDF, 46 KB) - Refer to the "Recycle Match" activity.
  • Wee Reggie Puppet Pattern (PDF, 67 KB) - use this puppet in "Wee Reggie and His Recyclable Friends."
  • Travis Trash & Wee Ron Story pages (PDF, 699 KB) - refer to "The Stories of Travis Trash and Wee Ron."
  • Rocky Raccoon (PDF, 61 KB), Freddy Fox (64 KB), and Olivia Owl (70 KB) puppet patterns. - use these puppets in the "Dirty Ditches Puppet Play."
  • Take-Home Masters

  • Recycling Labels,(PDF, 527KB) – Reproduce a set of labels for each child. Send the labels home with the Parent Letter found at the end of "Sorting Together At Home."
  • Recycle – It's Easy directions (PDF, 283 KB) – Reproduce these pages back-to-back, if possible. Discuss the pictures and directions given for each recyclable item with your children. Encourage them to share this information with their families. Send this home with the Parent Letter found at the end of "Sorting Together At Home."
  • I Can Recycle book (PDF, 74 KB) – Reproduce both pages on separate pieces of paper for each child. Fold each page into fourths, and then staple the two folded sheets together along the middle fold to form a book. For further directions, see "I Can Recycle."
  • Weekly Recycling Ideas (PDF, 1 MB) – At the beginning of each month, reproduce the appropriate calendar page for each child to take home and share with family members. For further directions, see the introduction to the calendar.
  • Wee Reader, (PDF, 225 KB) – Reproduce the four master pages for each child. Copy page A and page B back-to-back and copy page C and page D back-to-back. Fold each page along the dotted line and then cut along the solid line. Put the pages together in numerical order to form a book. Punch two holes along the middle fold, thread a piece of yarn through both holes, and tie the ends to bind the book together. For further information, see "Wee Reader."
  • Wee Recyclers Clean Up, (PDF, 72 KB) – Use with the activity "Wee Recyclers Clean Up." Reproduce one page for each child.
  • Litter Red Riding Hood sequencing (PDF, 321 KB)– Reproduce one page for each child. Help them cut apart the different pictures. Send the pictures home with the child to retell the story to family members. For other ideas, see "The Story of Litter Red Riding Hood."
  • Nature Recycles (PDF, 108 KB) – After learning about nature’s recyclers in "Nature’s Recyclers Storyboard," reproduce the poem for children to take home and share with their families.
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