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Thanks for visiting us today. We'd like to get your feedback on our Web site so that we can design it to better meet some of your teaching needs.

Please give us a little information about yourself.

  • What grade do you teach?

  • What subjects?

  • Do you use the Web?
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Do your students currently use the Internet and World Wide Web in researching topics?

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If yes, about how often do they go online in school?

For what subjects/topics do they go online looking for information?

Do you think our Web site, EEK! - Environmental Education for Kids, would be useful to you and your students?

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    In what ways?

    Where would you integrate this online information into your curriculum?

Of the following sections on our Web site, please tell us whether you think the type of information provided would be very useful, useful, not very useful to your students. Why?

    Our Earth--provides information on environmental issues and includes ways for students to get involved in managing and protecting natural resources.

    Nature Notes--natural history information on Wisconsin plants and animals and seasonal nature observations. Includes activities.

    Get a Job--highlights different careers in natural resources and environmental protection. Includes an "Ask me about my career" column.

    Cool Stuff--provides a place for students to view student artwork and writing. Includes a calendar of events.

Any other comments/suggestions about EEK!

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