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EEK! Surfer Challenge Answers

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Did you find the answers to all the questions? If you were stumped, we've provided the answers below with links directly to the associated story.

1. What types of trees does the gypsy moth prefer?

  • The gypsy moth prefers: alder, apple, aspen, birch, basswood, hawthorn, white birch, tamarack, oak, and witch hazel.
  • 2. What prairie bird says "See you, see yeeer?"

  • The meadowlark.
  • 3. What is the official Wisconsin state fish?

  • Wisconsin's state fish is the muskie.
  • 4. What does a herpetologist do?

  • A herpetologist is someone who studies reptiles and amphibians.
  • 5. Why do wildlife biologists burn prairies?

  • Biologists burn grasslands and prairies to keep the prairie from becoming a forest.
  • 6. Can you find the alien invader page? What is an alien invader?

  • An alien invader is an exotic plant or animal that has been introduced to our state from other countries or habitats on purpose or by accident.
  • 7. Name one place you could go to watch lake sturgeon.

  • Highway X crossing, Wolf River between New London and Northport
  • Shawano Dam, Wolf River, Shawano
  • Shiocton along HWY 54 near "Bamboo Bend"
  • Sturgeon Trail, New London
  • Wolf River - Over 50 places to watch along river
  • Fox River - Over 50 places to watch along river
  • Pfeifer Park, New London
  • Mukwa Wildlife Area, New London

  • Okay, now that you've finished this, go to the Teacher Survey and let us know what you think of EEK! Thanks.

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