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Keepin' it in the Loop

- a recycling activity and learning guide for educators and students (grades K-8)

Keepin' it in the Loop book cover

Waste, and how we choose to handle it, affects the world's environment-everything that surrounds us-including the air, water, land, plants and man-made things. We need to live in a healthy environment, so that is why waste management is so important. The waste we create has to be carefully controlled to ensure that it does not harm the environment and our health. Recycling items such as aluminum, plastics, paper, used electronics, and food waste is a way we can help with waste management. Keeping these items inside the recycling loop keeps them out of landfills and reduces pollution!

The K-8 Keepin' it in the Loop recycling activity guide can help you and your students learn more about recycling and waste management.

The links below are a series of .pdf files that you can download and print to make a comprehensive set of activities for students. To view these documents, you will need to have Adobe's Acrobat Reader. You can download it from the Adobe web site at Adobe.com.

Direct students to visit EEK! for additional information on recycling.

DOWNLOAD the K-8 Keepin' it in the Loop Activity Guide

Entire guide: Keepin' it in the Loop (PDF, 16 MB)

Separate Activities

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