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Invaders of the Forest

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Invaders of the Forest is an educators' guide to invasive plants of Wisconsin forests. The guide provides classroom and field activities for formal and non-formal educators working with kindergarten through adult audiences. Lessons are correlated to Wisconsin's academic standards.

Below you will find links to a series of .pdf files that you can download and print. To view these documents, you will need to have Adobe's Acrobat Reader. You can download it from the Adobe web site at http://www.adobe.com.


A Letter to Educators

The entire Invaders of the Forest Educators' Guide to Invasive Plants of Wisconsin's Forests

Invaders of the Forest (PDF, 1.3 MB), 2005, WEEB, WDNR, Park People of Milwaukee County.

Or, if you only want parts of the guide, you can download it in smaller sections.

  • Introductory Pages, 8 pages (PDF, 154 KB)
  • Global Marketplace, grades 4-12, 4 pages (PDF, 67KB)
  • Wildflower, Weed, or Botanical Bully, grades 4-adult, 6 pages (PDF, 110 KB)
  • Sizing Up Weeds, grades 7-12, 4 pages (PDF, 66 KB)
  • Ad-libbed Aliens, grades 2-8 (and up!), 6 pages (PDF, 91 KB )
  • Invasive or Not?, grades 6-adult, 6 pages (PDF, 217 KB)
  • Field Notes, grades 2-adult, 4 pages (PDF, 134 KB)
  • The Plant Hunters, grades K-adult 6 pages (PDF, 107 KB)
  • Web of Life, grades 2-8, 8 pages (PDF, 160 KB)
  • Outwit-Outplant-Outlast, grades 5-12, 6 pages (PDF, 81 KB)
  • Garlic Mustard Invasion, grades 2-adult, 4 pages (PDF, 92 KB)
  • Bane or Blessing?, grades 5-12, 4 pages (PDF, 106 KB)
  • A Can of Worms, grades 4-adult, 8 pages (PDF, 136 KB)
  • Plants of the Melting Pot, grades 6-12, 4 pages (PDF, 69 KB)
  • Means & Modes, grades 3-adult, 4 pages (PDF, 70 KB)
  • Wanted Posters, grades 4-12, 2 pages (PDF, 67 KB)
  • Eyewitness Accounts, grades K-adult, 4 pages (PDF, 78 KB)
  • Citizen Scientists, grades 5-adult, 4 pages (PDF, 65 KB)
  • Plotting Plants, grades 4-12, 6 pages (PDF, 76 KB)
  • Diversity Index, grades 6-12, 6 pages (PDF, 85 KB)
  • Stand Your Ground, grades 9-adult, 4 pages (PDF, 70 KB)
  • How to Kill a Dandelion, grades 2-12, 4 pages (PDF, 104 KB)
  • Checking Out the Options, grades 5-12, 4 pages (PDF, 74 KB)
  • Shears, Sawbuck & Co., grades 5-12, 4 pages (PDF, 182 KB)
  • Weed Out!, grades K-adult, 4 pages (PDF, 67 KB)
  • Inspired by Wrath, grade varies with project, 8 pages (PDF, 134 KB)
  • Appendices, 8 pages (PDF, 106 KB) The appendices include: Activities by Grade, Activities by Subject Area, Activities by Teaching Strategy, Activities by Location/Season, Correlation with Wisconsin's Model Academic Standards, List of Plant Identification Guides.

    Evaluation. After using the activities, please take a minute to fill out an evaluation form. Thanks.

  • Activity Guide Evaluation, 2 pages (PDF, 35 KB)

    This guide was made possible by a grant from the Wisconsin Environmental Education Board.

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