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The Life of a
Gypsy Moth

This activity corresponds with the EEK story on the Alien invader: GypsyMoth.


Grades: 6-12

Subjects: science, vocational agriculture

Objectives: students will be able to identify the gypsy moth, understand its life cycle and habitat needs


If you take a walk in a forest heavily infested with gypsy moths, you may hear the gypsy moth caterpillars munching away on a variety of trees, shrubs and vines. Well, actually what you'll hear is not munching caterpillars, but caterpillar droppings falling through the vegetation.

The gypsy moth, introduced to the East Coast in 1868, has now arrived in Wisconsin. This insect can be very destructive to our forests and landscape trees. Wisconsin in now battling this invader. The following activity will help your students learn more about the moth and its life cycle and when and how it causes damage. Your students can then get involved in monitoring and control efforts.


Make copies of the student worksheet Alien Invasion. Have students read the information about gypsy moths and then have them work in small groups to answer the Moth Mania quiz.

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