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Groundwater Study Guide

This study guide is designed to help you and your students begin thinking about groundwater - where it comes from, why it's important, and how it can be conserved and protected. It includes a brief overview, glossary and classroom activities.

Below you will find links to a series of .pdf files that you can download and print to make a comprehensive set of activities for 6th - 9th grade students. To view these documents, you will need to have Adobe's Acrobat Reader. You can download it from the Adobe web site at http://www.adobe.com. Click here if you need further assistance for downloading these files.

Visit the DNR site for additional information on groundwater education (Leaves EEK!).


The entire Groundwater Study Guide:

Groundwater Wisconsin's Buried Treasure Study Guide (PDF, 2.01 MB)
Activity Guide, 32 Pages plus worksheets, ?2006.

Or, you can download the Groundwater Study Guide in sections.

  1. Introduction and Glossary
    4 pages (PDF, 438 KB)
  2. The Water Cycle-Round and Round it Goes
    activity and worksheets, 5 Pages (PDF, 358KB)
  3. How Groundwater Moves
    activity and worksheet, 4 pages (PDF, 233 KB)
  4. Well, Well, Well
    activity and worksheet, 5 Pages (PDF, 360 KB)
  5. Wisconsin's Major Aquifers
    activity and worksheets, 6 pages (PDF, 584)
  6. Plume of Contamination
    activity and worksheet, 4 pages (PDF, 262 KB)
  7. Household Water: Where Does it Come From?...Where Does it Go?
    activity, 2 pages (PDF, 175 KB)
  8. How Septic Sytems Work
    activity and worksheets, 7 pages (PDF, 605 KB)
  9. Caution: This Product May be Hazardous to Your Health
    activity and worksheets, 11 pages (PDF, 578 KB)
  10. Resource Protection, Value and Conflict
    activity and worksheets, 4 pages (PDF, 283 KB)
  11. What if Water Cost as Much as Gasoline?
    activity and worksheet, 2 pages (PDF, 129 KB)
  12. Rights or Fights
    activity and worksheets, 6 pages (PDF, 239 KB)
  13. Trouble in Paradise
    activity and worksheet, 9 pages (PDF, 373 KB)
  14. More Groundwater Activities
    activity and worksheets, 1 page (PDF, 69 KB)
  15. Publications & Resource People
    1 page (PDF, 78 KB)
  16. DPI Standards and Acknowledgement
    1 pages (PDF, 49 KB)
  17. Student Activity Sheets
    43 pages (PDF, 1.34 MB)

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