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2013 Clean Air Month
Air, Air, Everywhere
Poetry Contest for
3rd, 4th, & 5th-grade students


Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the state-wide 2013 Air, Air Everywhere Poetry Contest. This yearís entries were fantastic! The winning entry and runners up are posted below! Wonderful job!

Winning Poem: Air
By: Ingrid Sokup of Hayward School District


Like an invisible magic
Itís nothing, but something
Quiet, watching us play
Itís foggy and smoky
Has no boundaries
And never ends in a way

Itís crispy and cool
On a mid-fall day
Itís edge, but clean
And has a particular sway

Itís freezing and frigid
On a wintery day
As soft as a cloud
But as hard as a rock

In summer itís humid
And hot and sweet
With a faint blueberry smell
And big waves of heat

In springtime it smells
Like nothing ever happened
And tomorrow is perfect
And everythingís good


Second Place: Air
By: Evan Salzwedel of Warrens Elementary


I keep you alive every day.
What am I?
I get polluted by cars and trucks.
What am I?
I cool you down with a breeze when it is hot.
What am I?
I make your kite fly.
What am I?
I can throw down trees on houses.
What am I?
I can make hurricanes and tornadoes.
What am I?
I can make tsunamis and tide waves.
What am I?
I am very cold in the winter.
What am I?
I can carry the smells of pie or bad rotten smells.
What am I?
I am taken in by trees and flowers to be cleaned.
What am I?
Please keep me clean!


Third Place: Air Poem
By: Monica Kemstra of Ronald Reagan Elementary

Air Poem

I feel it blowing on my face. I wish I was in a warmer place!
I see the branches swaying. Iím not so glad weíre staying.
I smell the dampness and the pretty flowers. I look up to see a cloud tower.
When I taste it, itís cold on my tongue. When I breathe it, it goes into my lungs.
I hear the soft sound of it when it blows. If youíre out boating it can ripple through the water when you row.
What is it?

Answer: Air!


Wisconsin helped celebrate Clean Air Month in May by hosting a poetry contest. For information on clean air for your classroom see Air, Air Everywhere Teacherís Activity Guide, which aims to teach 3rd, 4th & 5th grade students about air quality and the importance of clean air.

Download the complete Air, Air Everywhere guide which includes ten activities.

For more information about air education contact, Lindsay Haas, (262) 574-2113.

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