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2014 Clean Air Month
Air, Air, Everywhere
Poetry Contest for
3rd, 4th, & 5th-grade students

2014 Poetry Contest

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in this year’s annual Air, Air Everywhere Poetry Contest. The 2014 entries exceeded our expectations! The winning entry and runners-up are posted below. Great job everyone!

Winning Poem: Air
By: Lilia Rose Osborne of Edgewood Campus School in Madison


You can’t see it but you can breathe it…
It can fill a box, a room, a building…
And even you…
Air is just air…
Just oxygen, the thing that gives us life…
Just a substance formed by a tree’s sighs…
A tree’s songs…
A tree’s hard, hard, work…
Thank you, tree…
Did you think? Did you know?
That air is history…
A historic past…
A historic present…
A historic future…
You inhale, you let it go…
Then they inhale what you inhaled…
And let it go…
And it goes on and on… and on…
And think… think…
People… famous, poor…
Singers, presidents, saints…
You may have breathed their air…
It may lie inside of you…
Right now…


Second Place: Where Is Air?
By: Kathryn Arnold of Clinton Middle School in Clinton

Where Is Air?

Where is Air?
Air is around us.
Air is around our hair.
You can’t see it, but we know it’s there.

Air is in H2O
Fresh air?
That’s a go!

Air, Air it can’t be seen
Let’s keep it there
Let’s not pollute
Let’s keep it clean!

Air is around the world
Air is in the clouds
Air is one big swirl!

There are different moods in the Air
Some are blowy
Some are gentle
Some are snowy!

In the city,
If more people aren’t careful
Air can be black
Ew! That’s nasty!

Keep our Air clean
Keep our Air fresh
Keep our Air nice
We’ll do our best!

Instead of drive,
You can walk
Instead of text,
You can talk

Try to make our Air nice and fresh
Once we do, let’s keep it there
Because what would we do without…
Air, Air Everywhere!


Third Place: Air
By: Caden Rohan of River View School in Kaukauna


It is freshening with a chill to it,
Like an icy mint,
It’s warm at the same time
Like the beams of the sun falling on to my skin,
Its calming as it goes through my lungs,
Clouds floating through it yet,
It’s not the sky, swiftly carried by the wind,
As I jump into it, I could not survive without it.


Wisconsin helped celebrate Clean Air Month in May by hosting a poetry contest. For information on clean air for your classroom see Air, Air Everywhere Teacher’s Activity Guide, which aims to teach 3rd, 4th & 5th grade students about air quality and the importance of clean air.

Download the complete Air, Air Everywhere guide which includes ten activities.

For more information about air education contact, Lindsay Haas, (262) 574-2113.

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