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What Can I Do?

Making a Difference: bright light bulb

This section gives students hands-on opportunities to get inspired, take action, and make a difference.

Science Inspires Art Inspires Society (Activity, 2 pages, PDF, 447KB)
Online Resources
Artsy Activism: A Service Learning Opportunity (Activity and worksheets, 6 pages, PDF, 354KB)
Online Resources

Notable Books

McKenzie-Mohr, Doug, and William Smith, 1999. Fostering Sustainable Behavior: An Introduction to Community-Based Social Marketing. Babriola Island B.C., Canada: New Society Publishers.

Jacobson, Susan K., Mallory D. McDuff, and Martha C. Monroe. 2006. Conservation Education and Outreach Techniques. New York: Oxford University Press, Inc.

Tree of Pledges (Activity, 2 pages, PDF, 251KB)

  • Leaf Pledge Cut-out (For use with Tree of Pledges activity, PDF, 851 KB)

  • Online Resources

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