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Outdoor Report for October 30, 2014  Published by the Central Office

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For current statewide information on statewide fall color, log onto the Wisconsin Department of Tourism's Fall Color Report (exit DNR).

Afterhours trail, Brule River State Forest
Leaves have dropped on the Afterhours trail at the Brule River State Forest.
WDNR Photo

Reports from around the state indicate the white-tailed buck rut - or mating season - is getting underway. Lots of scrapes and rubs are being found, and bucks have begun sparring. Conservation Warden Kyle Lynch of Juneau County responded to a report of two very nice sized bucks locked together by their antlers. One was deceased, but Lynch was able to free the other. Other parts of the state are reporting bucks still in pre-rut activities checking scrape lines but not actively pursuing does.

An indication that deer are on the move has been a recent increase in vehicle-deer collisions. It is especially important during the rutting season that if motorists see a deer cross the road they slow down and watch for another deer to be following.

The firearm deer season is less than a month away, opening Nov. 22, so now is the time for hunters to hit the range and sight in deer rifles and get in some target practice. Search the DNR website for keyword "deer" to find out about changes in rules for the upcoming season.

Pheasant hunting is in full swing and many hunters have been using the DNR website to locate public lands with stocked birds. Fall turkey hunters have been reporting turkeys are feeding in the stubble of recently harvested corn fields, but many are also still spending a lot of time feeding on this year bountiful acorn crops in the woods. Leaf drop is nearly complete in the north improving conditions for grouse hunters. The woodcock season closes next Monday, Nov. 3.

Waterfowl hunting has also picked up with the arrival of more northern diving ducks and Canada geese, and with the cold front forecast for this week more should begin moving into the state.

Fishing pressure has generally been low but fishing success is very high for those anglers still out. Musky action continues to be good to excellent in the Northwoods. There was one report of a 50-inch fish caught in the past week, so trophy potential has been getting better. Walleye are biting on the Menominee, Fox and Wisconsin rivers. The chinook salmon run is starting to wind down on Lake Michigan tributaries, but there was still some good numbers being caught along with coho and brown and rainbow trout. The Root River Steelhead Facility passed 1,296 fish upriver in three days last week.

Fall color is now past peak across the entire state on the Department of Tourism's Fall Color Report (exit DNR), but there are still hints of color on southern hillsides and tamaracks and oaks are still holding their golden and amber needles and leaves.

There have still been fair numbers of campers taking advantage of the recent nice weekends at state parks and forests, but most properties have begun to or will soon close modern shower and bathroom facilities for the season.

Along with falling back an hour this weekend on the clock, another sign of the changing seasons: crews at state park and forest properties have been busy mowing and clearing trails to prepare for the winter ski and snowmobile season.


Northern Region

Superior DNR Service Center area

Brule River State Forest - Fall colors are petering out; most trees have dropped their leaves, signaling the coming of winter. Visitors, however, have been blessed with sun and warm weather over the past few weekends. Despite the crisp fall chill in the air, it's still a great time to come out to the forest! The Copper Range and Bois Brule campgrounds have been busy on weekends with fisherman pursuing lake-run steelhead north of Highway 2. The fishing season is now closed south of Highway 2. Traveling the forest roads, you might come across a ruffed grouse sunning itself on the warm gravel, or hunters pursuing them in their orange caps. If you're not paying attention, you might have a flush right under your feet. Grouse season is open through Jan. 31 in this area and requires a small game license. Learn more about the ruffed grouse here. Fall fire season is upon us, and while fire danger has remained in the low to moderate range, property owners are advised to rake leaves away from buildings and consider mulching, as leaf litter provides an easy fuel for an errant spark or cigarette. Remember also to follow all restrictions listed on your burning permit, and burn responsibly. The firearm deer season is less than a month away, opening Nov. 22 and running through Dec. 30. Now is a perfect time to hit the range and sight in that deer rifle so you can bag that trophy buck. While you're at it, brush up on the changes to deer hunting regulations for 2014. If you'll be hunting from a tree stand, make sure you have the proper gear and that it is in working order, and practice good safety. The Brule River State Forest will hold a public meeting on Nov. 1, 2014, starting at 9 a.m. The meeting location will be the Brule Ranger Station, 6250 South Ranger Road, Brule Wisconsin, 54820. Topics will include forest management operations, forest management planning and goals, recreation operations, and other administrative topics. - Matt Miranda, ranger

Park Falls DNR Service Center area

Upper Chippewa Basin fisheries report (Price, Rusk, Sawyer Taylor and inland Ashland and Iron counties) - With the cool and variable weather of late, fewer and fewer anglers have been venturing out on waters in the Northwoods. This past weekend saw a couple of very nice fall days and that produced a spike up in fishing activity. Most of the angling pressure was for musky and the action was still considered excellent. Nearly all of the anglers have been dragging large suckers around and they are having very good success on musky in the 34 to 40-inch size. There was one report of a 50-inch fish caught in the past week, so trophy potential has been getting better. Action on artificial baits has been hit or miss, as the colder water temperatures have made the fish more reluctant to hit fast-moving baits. Walleye success continues to be generally slow with only a few reports of catches being made. Some decent perch and crappie have been found along and near the mid-depth cover, such as deep weed lines and brush/cover in 8 to 15 feet of water. - Skip Sommerfeldt, senior fisheries biologist, Park Falls

Flambeau River State Forest - Both the north and south forks of the Flambeau River are at good levels for paddlers. The forest is way past peak for fall colors and are at total leaf off on the forest. Grouse are still a bit on the down cycle but hunters are reporting more success with the leaf-off conditions. Scrapes and rubs are becoming more common in the woods and it appears bucks are starting the rut. We are definitely seeing more deer on the move so drivers be cautious. Local waterfowl have shifted south and we are seeing flocks of Canada geese migrating through. - Judy Freeman, visitor services associate

Woodruff DNR Service Center area

Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest - The cold, damp, windy days have knocked down most of the leaf cover, making small game and archery hunters happy. The forest is quiet and it's a great time to be out exploring. Birds are being seen along roadsides and deer are starting to scrape. - Rosalie Richter, visitor services associate

Antigo DNR Service Center area

Langlade County - Fall colors are done for the most part. Weather has been rainy, but mild. Deer activity is starting to pick up some with early signs of rut are showing up. Fishing has been slow and most have shifted a focus on other activities. The wolf river is high and kayakers have been taking advantage of late season float trips. - Andrew Dryja, conservation warden, White Lake


Northeast Region

Northern Lake Michigan fisheries team report

Marinette County - Anglers were enjoying good success on the Menominee River fishing for walleye and browns. Stick baits and husky jerks fished in the current seams from the Hattie Street Walkway has worked the best. Some fish are being caught by the Dam using jig heads and minnows. The best times to catch these fish has been after dark. Brown trout have been chasing mainly spoons from the Hattie Street Bridge down to Stephenson Island. A few salmon were being caught in and around the foot bridge by the Stephenson Library on spawn and also by casting spoons. - Kevin King, fisheries technician, Peshtigo

Oconto County - Few anglers were observed on the Oconto River from Stiles Dam to the Oconto Municipal Landing, water was high, stained, and debris laden. Most of the boat traffic proved to be water fowlers. Perch are being caught at the Municipal Landing, Breakwater Park and Oconto Park II. Some sorting is required but limits of 8 inch fish or bigger are been seen. Minnows fished with crappie rigs or slip bobbers have been the most productive bait. - Kevin King, fisheries technician, Peshtigo

Brown County - A few anglers were fishing walleye on the Fox River at Voyager Park, with fishing slow but a few 17-inch fish caught over several hours. Duck Creek shore anglers looking for yellow perch enjoyed very high catch rates. While most fishermen were using minnows or crawler pieces on a hook 12 inches or so above a sinker, others were using the same setup but with an extra hook 8 inches or so above the first hook. A couple anglers reported catching close to 60 perch within 3 hours. The overall sizes continue to be on the smaller side forcing people to be patient while waiting for decent sizes. A few anglers were able to go home with a limit. Average size of perch measured from Duck Creek shore anglers this week was 7 inches. Off and on high winds continued to dominate the weather in the Bayshore Park area. Water clarity is holding at moderate to poor. Perch anglers have begun to catch sizeable fish, however numbers are low. Minnows suspended just off bottom, in 20-24 feet of water, have produced the largest number and size of fish, with the majority of keepers in the 9-10 inch range. Multiple fish greater than 13 inches have been caught and one boat reported a 15- inch catch. 2-2 inch minnows have been the best producing baits while reducing the number of gobies being caught. Walleye anglers have seen reduced catches though the week. Crank baits trolled at increasingly slower speeds have been able to produce some fish however size and numbers continue to drop. Water temps in the area ranged from 50-54 degrees.- John Taylor and Adrian Meseberg, fisheries technicians, Green Bay

Door County - Like the rest of the east shore, higher winds continued to dominant the weather pattern and the water clarity in the Chaudoir's Dock area continued to be poor. Water temperatures in the area range from 51-53 degrees. Door County will begin dredging in the Chaudoir's area on Oct. 29 restricting all access to the pier.

Kewaunee County - A few anglers are still fishing the lake for brown trout and lake trout in 5-15 feet of water using stick baits and shallow cranks with a slow presentation. Remember lake trout season closes October 31st. A few shore anglers fishing in both Algoma and Kewaunee have been out for brown trout, lake trout and rainbow trout using spawn sacs, stick baits and fly fishing. Fishing has been and is typically slow action so do not expect large catches but cold water in the fall brings the opportunity for trout and salmon near shore and off the piers for those anglers who do not have a boat. Anglers fishing the Ahnapee and Kewaunee Rivers are fishing for coho, brown trout and rainbow trout as the chinook salmon are pretty much done with their run and those, if any that are still in the river are very black. Anglers in Kewaunee are catching a few coho and moderate numbers of brown trout using spawn sacs, spoons and stick baits. Anglers on the Ahnapee River are catching a few fish using spoons and spawn sacs as well. A good technique this time of the year is to use fresh spawn sacs or pieces of preserved skein spawn floated under clear bobbers in holes, drifted near bottom or drifting using a piece of marshmallow with an egg sac or an egg sacs with floaters inside. If you can find nesting fish, they often reach out and take on the first drift if not spooked. - Emily Kurszewski, fisheries technician, Sturgeon Bay

Green Bay DNR Service Center area

Brown County - Leaves have almost completely dropped on the majority of trees in Brown County. Now is the time to get out and enjoy the last bit of warmer weather for the fall. Several archery hunters have reported bucks starting to chase does. Baiting or feeding for deer is allowed in Brown County, but at any given time, the amount of all bait or feed, including mineral and salt licks, should be no more than two gallons. Also, a reminder that trees stands and blinds must be removed from state land at the end of hunting hours each day - no overnight stands are allowed. - Cara Kamke, conservation warden, Green Bay

Sturgeon Bay DNR Service Center area

Potawatomi State Park - Because of strong winds over the past few days, most autumn leaves are on the ground now. Hiking through the park these days presents new views not often seen when the leaves are on the trees. The boat launching piers and accessible fishing pier are scheduled to be pulled from the water on Wednesday, Nov. 5. The entire south loop of the campground (Sites 1-81) remains open until the snow flies. Once snow arrives, at least four electrical sites are plowed for winter campers. Reservations are not needed during this time of the year. The north loop of the campground (Sites 82-125) and the group campsites are closed for the season. The shower building sanitary dump station, fish cleaning station, and most park wells are closed for the season. The well near the campground shelter remains open throughout the winter. - Lois M. Hanson, visitor services associate

Whitefish Dunes State Park - Leaf color in the park is past peak with most of the autumn leaves on the ground. Now is an excellent time to hike the red trail to the top of Old Baldy to look out over the tree tops. Lots of turkey and pileated woodpecker sightings. All trails are open for hiking. The section of the Green Trail by Clark Lake spur a little wet in areas. A little bit more of shoreline available to walk on now in the fall. - Jaclyn Moeri, visitor services associate

Wautoma DNR Service Center area

Waupaca County - Most leaf drop has occurred. Good grouse hunting conditions if you can find them. Woodcock season ends Monday the third, flight has been erratic this year in central Wisconsin. Some areas have lots of birds, other areas that traditionally have lots of birds have almost none. Turkeys and geese really using stubble fields. Hunting pressure on turkeys and geese seems extremely light. Deer have started making scrapes, but the rut is not in full swing yet. - Karl Kramer, wildlife technician, Wautoma

Deer activity is starting to pick up in northern Waupaca County. Bucks have been seen checking scrape lines and increasing pre-rut activities. The cooler weather should also help with deer movement. The relatively wet conditions the past few weeks have kept most of the corn standing. Last week's winds dropped the majority of forest leaf cover. - Mark Schraufnagel, conservation warden, Shawano

Oshkosh DNR Service Center area

Outagamie County - With the leaves down the archers have taken to the field in large numbers. Deer are on the move and the number of car deer accidents are on the rise. This is certainly an indication of the upcoming rut. Bucks are starting to chase does around as we get further into fall. Crops are coming off the fields now that the rains have quit for a while and this will certainly push the deer back into the woods. Pheasant hunters are taking to the field and using the DNR web site to locate public lands with stocked birds. Squirrels are being seen in abundance now that the leaves are off the trees and this is a great way to introduce a new hunter to the sport. - Mike Young, conservation warden, Shiocton


Southeast Region

Milwaukee DNR Service Center area

Kettle Moraine State Forest, Northern Unit - Most of the trees are now bare, providing great opportunities to view the glacial kames, kettles and eskers throughout the forest. Geese are congregating in the fields, and a few turkey vultures are still hanging around, but most summer birds have already left the area for more southerly locations. Now is a great time to get in those last fall hikes, or horseback and bike rides, before the snow and cold temperatures set in. The horse and mountain bike trails are open, but riders should use caution due to leaf litter and wet conditions. We ask that riders refrain from using the trails within 12 hours of a rain event, to prevent long-term damage. The summer flooding has left a few muddy stretches on the Tamarack Nature trail, but the hiking trails in general are in great shape. The Bridle, Greenbush, New Fane, and Zillmer trails have been recently mowed to prepare for the winter ski and snowmobile season. The entrance station is also closed for the season, but self-registration is allowed on available campsites by following the instructions at the entrance station bulletin board. Flush toilets and showers will remain open until freezing weather sets in, approximately Nov. 3. All boat launches in the forest are open, including the road to Mauthe Lake boat launch but the fishing pier and boat boarding dock at Long Lake have been removed for the season. The Henry S. Reuss Ice Age Visitor Center is open Wednesdays-Fridays 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. and weekends 9:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. - Deb Harder, visitor services associate

Southern Lake Michigan fisheries team report - Compiled from creel clerks by Cheryl Masterson and Jeffrey Zinuticz, fisheries technicians, Milwaukee

Sheboygan County - In Sheboygan anglers fishing the north pier have been catching sizable smallmouth bass using weighted plastic minnows. Fishing pressure off the south pier has been minimal. Shore anglers working the docks near the Deland Marina have been picking up some chinooks and coho. Plastic minnows jigged along the bottom have taken fish, as well as skein under a bobber or crank baits in blue, red, and white. On the Sheboygan River, good numbers of chinook and a few browns have been caught upstream of Esslingen Park and downstream of the Kohler dam. Drifting skein and fly fishing with egg imitations have both been productive. The fish cleaning station near the south pier has been closed for the season; however, the one at the Deland Park boat launch is still open.

Ozaukee County - Port Washington anglers fishing the harbor have been catching browns, rainbows, and chinooks near the power plant and in the north slip. Skein and spawn sacs have both been effective, and a few were also caught on red and blue crank baits. Anglers fishing Sauk Creek have been catching decent numbers of chinook with small spinners as well as orange, chartreuse, or red yarn. The fish cleaning station near the marina is closed for the season, but the one located near Coal Dock Park remains open for now.

Milwaukee County - In Milwaukee the numbers of salmon caught by shore anglers in the harbor has dropped off over the past couple of weeks, although anglers have still been catching some fish. Spawn fished early in the morning has produced the most. Perch anglers fishing near Summerfest have been landing small perch off and on over the past week or so, with minnows taking the majority of perch. From the fishing pier at the Oak Creek Power plant, fish can be seen swimming in the discharge flow but few are biting. Anglers fishing Oak Creek in South Milwaukee continue to catch some salmon, with the most action occurring just below the falls on bright green or orange flies and spawn sacs. Milwaukee River anglers are showing up in numbers in Estabrook and Kletzsch Parks, and some continue to work near the UWM Park and Ride lot and around North Avenue. Fish are still being taken, but it seems the peak is over. Bright orange or green yarn or flies have produced. Menomonee River anglers continue to fish for salmon near Miller Park, and although fish can be seen in the area, anglers struggle to catch them.

Racine County - A few Racine trollers have been working 30 to 40 feet of water in search of brown trout, but fishing pressure has been dropping steadily. The fish cleaning station at the boat launch is still open, but the one near the south pier is closed for the season. Shore anglers fishing the piers have had minimal success the past couple of weeks. Shore anglers fishing in Reefpoint Marina have been catching a few browns and steelhead on skein, spawn sacs, and white tube jigs fished under slip bobbers. A few fish have also been caught off the Reichert Count fishing pier recently, including a 37 inch northern pike and a 10 pound brown trout. The water temperature at the lakefront is 52 degrees. Water levels are low on the Root River in Racine, and they continue to drop. Upstream of the weir most anglers have been able to walk off of the river with at least one fish. Numbers of coho are increasing, while the chinook are tapering off. Black woolly buggers, dark green nymphs, and orange egg patterns have worked well for a few anglers. Downstream of the weir browns, coho, and a few chinook have been caught on red and orange yarn flies. In Racine fish were processed at the Root River Steelhead Facility twice last week and again on Monday, Oct. 27. A total of 1,296 fish were passed upriver those three days. This fall there have been 1,534 chinook, 1,086 coho, 10 rainbows, and 167 browns passed upriver. So far this season we've collected 945,000 coho eggs. The next processing day will be Monday, Nov. 3.

Kenosha County - In Kenosha fishing pressure on the piers continues to drop, but anglers are still fishing near the Navy Memorial and in the Simmons Island boat harbor. Browns have been caught on spawn sacs as well as white tube jigs under slip bobbers. Shore anglers fishing the lakefront near the mouth of the Pike River have caught a few coho and steelhead on red and white prism colored spoons. Flows on the Pike River are low, but a few chinook were still being caught in Petrifying Springs Park and near Highway A.

Plymouth DNR Service Center area

Theresa Marsh State Wildlife Area - From now through the next couple weeks deer rutting activity should be excellent for bow deer hunting. Deer/vehicle accidents are also on the increase around the area. On Theresa Marsh a few duck hunters we talked to reported low or medium success, with a variety of species taken (mostly mallards, still a few wood ducks and teal, some widgeon, pintails, shovelers and redheads). Migratory Canada goose numbers are still building up on and around the marsh and that trend should continue until freeze-up. This week's cold front should move more ducks and geese into our area. The best time to view waterfowl flying into their Theresa Marsh roosting area is just before sundown. Other viewing opportunities for ducks, sandhill cranes, herons, egrets and other birds are still excellent along Hwy 28 just west of Hwy 41. Water levels in three small sub-impoundments along Hwy 28 were pumped lower this week to improve conditions for fall burning. Crews are intending to burn two or three small impoundments this week or next week, weather permitting. We're also expecting two large dike rip-rapping projects along Hwy. 28 to be completed during the next three weeks. Beginning next week, an old bridge across Cedar Creek on the Jackson Marsh Wildlife Area is being replaced with a new bridge. The bridge is used as a pedestrian/snowmobile crossing and for maintenance equipment access. The bridge is located about one half mile northwest of the Hwy. 60/Hwy. G intersection. A small construction area around the bridge will be posted closed to public entry Nov. 3-20. The bridge will re-open in time for the gun deer and snowmobile seasons. Twice per week stocking of rooster pheasants is still being done at Theresa, Allenton and Jackson Marsh Wildlife Areas until the week of Nov. 10 when stockings reduced to one per week and none during the first week of gun deer hunting. All three properties are still closed to pheasant hunting after 2 p.m. on weekdays (not weekends) through Nov. 3. Please consider submitting your comments about the new three-year deer population goals being recommended by the County Deer Advisory Councils in each county. The public comment period runs Nov. 3 through Dec. 5. A survey and related information will be available on the DNR website search keyword "CDAC." - Tom Isaac, wildlife biologist, Hartford


South Central Region

Dodgeville DNR Service Center area

Iowa County - The temperature is dropping and the leaves are dropping just as fast. Bucks are starting to chase some does. Keep in mind the deer hunting regulations have changed a bit this year. Be sure to review the regulations before you head out deer hunting this fall. Pheasant hunting is in full swing; get your dog out for some exercise while the weather is still good. There has been some decent Muskie fishing taking place on Twin Valley Lake in Governor Dodge State Park. - Adam Stennett, conservation warden recruit and Alan Erickson, conservation warden, Dodgeville

Horicon DNR Service Center area

Horicon Marsh State Wildlife Area - Waterfowl numbers continue to increase in the Dodge County area. Flocks of pintails, ringnecks and mallards are common sights in the area. Watch for north winds to bring in more birds. There are lots of upcoming events happening at the Horicon Marsh Education Center. The public is invited to join a Department of Natural Resources educator as they dispel the myths and misconceptions of some of the cool creatures that call the marsh home on Nov. 1, from 5-6 p.m. If you think bats are blind, opossums can hang from their tail or that spiders come into houses in the fall to get out of the cold, this is the program to attend. Why not bring a picnic dinner, enjoy the evening goose migration and then head back into the center so that you can also enjoy Movies at the Marsh, which will be featuring the fun film "Ghostbusters". The movie starts at 6:30 p.m. and if you wear a costume you will enjoy free popcorn. To continue the fall theme, on Nov. 4 from 6:30-7:15 p.m. families are invited to join a DNR educator for Deer evening of storytelling and craft making featuring our wondrous white-tailed deer that inhabit the marsh. No registration is required and the programs are free to the public. - Jennifer Wirth, visitor services specialist

Fitchburg DNR Service Center area

Columbia County - Turkeys are being seen using picked corn and soybean fields, and are forming their winter flocks. Deer activity is picking up and bucks are on the move looking for does to mate. Pheasants continued to be stocked twice a week on the stocked wildlife areas in the county. With the weather turning cooler this week, it's a great time to get out and hunt. - Sara Kehrli, wildlife biologist, Poynette

Fishing pressure has been heavy on Lake Wisconsin and on the river as well. The fish are cooperating and providing plenty of excitement. Sandhill cranes are still staging in the county, but the next good cold front coming out of the north may push them south for the winter. Deer are starting to move with a few reports of some large bucks being shot. A few reports of swans in the area as they are passing through on their migration. - Paul Nadolski, conservation warden, Portage


West Central Region

La Crosse DNR Service Center area

Vernon County - Fall turkey hunters have been reporting good success and plenty of birds to hunt. Turkey hunters should be aware that the acorn crop, especially red oak acorns, is much larger than that of the past several years. Therefore, wild turkeys should be spending lots time feeding on acorns in the woods, and turkey hunters might want to do likewise. - Dave Matheys, wildlife biologist, Viroqua

Wildcat Mountain State Park - Hiking and horseback riding trails are open and in good condition. Horseback trails close for the season Nov. 14. The family and horseback campgrounds are open. The family campground shower building and dump station are closed for the season. Water is available at the maintenance shop. Water at horse camp will be open this weekend and will be closed for the season mid next week. Small game and deer archery hunting opens Nov 15 at the park. Please see the parks hunting map for open and closed hunting areas. - Robert Ramsey, park manager

Black River Falls DNR Service Center area

Juneau County - The fall colors in Southern Juneau County are mostly done for the year. The deer are in pre-rut stage currently, but the rut is very close. Buck scrapes area everywhere, and the bucks are fighting fairly hard. Warden Kyle Lynch responded to a report of two very nice sized bucks locked together. One was deceased, but Lynch was able to free the live one to fight another day. Most of the wood ducks have pushed out of the area with recent cold nights, but the ones that remain have great fall plumage. There are still plenty of local mallards and Canada geese in the area. Walleyes and crappies are biting on the Wisconsin and Lemonweir rivers, but catching keeper size walleyes is a struggle.- - Kyle Lynch, conservation warden, Mauston

Eau Claire DNR Service Center area

Eau Claire County -Cooler air temperatures make for more comfortable hunting conditions. Archery deer hunters are seeing a lot of deer in and around the City of Eau Claire. Combines are busy removing crops from area fields. Large flocks of Canada geese are seeking harvested grain fields north and west of Eau Claire. The wayward moose recently seen in Eau Claire County is reportedly traveling in a northward direction. - Scott Thiede, conservation warden, Eau Claire

Wisconsin Rapids DNR Service Center area

Adams County - The bucks are chasing does and the deer have been moving a lot lately. Romberg also says that there are many diver ducks this year on Petenwell and large flocks of canvasbacks can been seen among many other species of divers. - Wade Romberg, conservation warden, Friendship

Buckhorn State Park - Boat boarding piers and fishing pier have been removed. Hunting is occurring in the Yellow River Wildlife Area and Buckhorn Wildlife Area. Bowhunting has started in the park and wildlife areas as of Sept 13. Check out hunting maps online or at the park office. Deer can be registered at the park office during open office hours. Park and wildlife areas are in Central Forest, buck only unless a hunter purchased an antlerless public tag for central forest. - Heather Wolf, park manager

Roche-A-Cri State Park - The main gate and campground are closed for the season. Parking is in the winter lot on Czech Ave. Park stickers are still required; please use the self-registration. Please do not park in front of the main gate. No food, pets or drinks are allowed on the stairway. Users are restricted to the stairway and it is open from 6 am to sunset. - Heather Wolf, park manager

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