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Four Seasons of Fun



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Wisconsin's great outdoors is always the ticket to fun with family and friends. On June 7 and 8 it gets even better -- it's free for Wisconsin residents and visitors!

  • Free entry to state parks and forests
  • Free fishing
  • Free DNR trails
  • Free ATV/UTV riding on public trails open to such uses

Where to go

Family-Friendly Trail Map

Try these flatter, shorter trails with lots to look at and experience, including tunnels and waterfalls at some. Family Friendly Trail Map

Family-friendly fishing

It's a lot easier to enjoy fishing if the kids are having fun.

Accessible options

Adaptive equipment, accessible cabins and lists of accessible boat launches and fishing piers are just a few of the ways we're trying to open the outdoors to everyone.

More places to go

Striking out on your own and finding new places to go is half the fun. Explore outdoors!

Plan your Free Fun Weekend

Planning your adventure is as easy as 1-2-3 with our online tools.

  1. Use Explore Outdoors to select the activities you want to do and where you want to go. Or find a park, forest, recreation area or trail and then explore your options for activities.
  2. Decide if you want to sleep under the stars or wake up to modern conveniences.
    • If you want to stay over night at a state park or forest, reserve a campsite . Entry to state parks, forests and recreation areas is free June 7 and 9 but camping and other fees apply.
    • Visit for other accomodations.
  3. See what organized activities are available to help you enjoy the free weekend. Check back often as more will be listed as the free weekend approaches.

    • View our nature and events calendar for state parks and forests for that weekend and our fishing clinic schedule.
    • View to see what else is going on in the area. Options are good to have in the back pocket when traveling with families or a big group of friends.
  4. Enjoy!
Free poster for printing!

Free printable poster!

4-pack of fun

June 7-8 is the perfect weekend to try a new outdoors activity or return to one you haven't tried in a long time. Challenge yourself and try them all!

Free Fishing June 7-8

  • On June 7 & 8 Wisconsin residents and visitors can fish anywhere for free in Wisconsin. No license is needed -- this includes inland trout and Great Lakes trout and salmon fishing.
  • New to fishing or just need to brush up on your casting? Attend one of the free fishing clinics being hosted around the state.
  • Free fishing equipment for loan at 50 state parks, DNR offices, and partner organizations.
  • Fishing rules such as limits, size and species of fish that you can keep do apply during free fishing weekend.

Free Trails June 7-8

  • On June 7 & 8, all state trail pass fees on all DNR-owned properties are waived.
  • Cooperatively-run state trails also may waive fees.

State Parks Free Fun Weekend June 7-8

  • On June 7 and 8, all state park vehicle admission fees on all DNR-owned properties are waived.
  • All state trail pass fees on all DNR-owned properties are waived.
  • Cooperatively-run state trails also may waive fees on this day.

Ride free ATV/UTV weekend June 7-8