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In-depth articles about Wisconsin's natural resources.

2014 Sturgeon Week

2014 Sturgeon Week

Lake sturgeon have been cruising Wisconsinís waters for more than 150 million years. There are more of these ancient fish here in Wisconsin than anywhere else in the world, thanks to efforts of DNR, conservation groups and citizens. Learn more about sturgeon, the people, and the unique spearing season that binds generations of families together for fellowship, fun and big fish.

DateTitle / SubjectArticle
Jan 29, 2014Sturgeon HistoryView
Jan 31, 2014Spearing season prospectsView
Feb 1, 2014All about sturgeonView
Feb 2, 2014Sturgeon cultureView
Feb 3, 2014Decoys and shantiesView
Feb 4, 2014Record sturgeonView
Feb 5, 2014How old is my sturgeon?View
Feb 6, 2014Ice Conditions and Cutting InView
Top Four Seasons of Fun

Four Seasons of Fun

Wisconsin's great outdoors is beautiful and fantastically fun year-round. Our special seasonal web pages help you embrace each season and explore its activities. They are the multi-media gateways to the activities, events, and places that make Wisconsin a great place to play.
DateTitle / SubjectArticle
Jan 10, 2013Winter WonderlandView
May 1, 2013Free fun for everyone June 7-8, 2014 View
Jun 21, 2013Summer SwingView
Aug 15, 2013Fall FunView
Top 2013 Deer Hunt

2013 Deer Hunt

Features covering Wisconsin's 162nd gun deer hunt. Features articles will showcase videos, slide shows, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube posts highlighting the season's memories and tales for years to come. Topics include: safety, a $5 license for new hunters, deer donations, recipies, and much more!

DateTitle / SubjectArticle
Oct 24, 2013Share the good times and good foodView
Nov 19, 2013Greetings from the Governor and SecretaryView
Nov 20, 2013Find a place to huntView
Nov 21, 2013Safety FirstView
Nov 22, 2013Old traditions - new technologyView
Nov 23, 2013We're here to helpView
Top Celebrating 40 years of protecting Wisconsin's natural heritage

Celebrating 40 years of protecting Wisconsin's natural heritage

Wisconsin's law safeguarding rare wildlife and plants turns 40 in 2012 with eagles, trumpeter swans, osprey and gray wolves among the successful comebacks made under its protections. Each month you will find videos, slide shows, a "Comeback Champion", ways for you to help, places to go, and events including a highlight on Wisconsin Public Radio's Larry Meiller show with a DNR expert.

DateTitle / SubjectArticle
Jan 10, 2012There's a lot to celebrate!View
Jan 12, 2012Eagles soar backView
Feb 7, 2012BatsView
Mar 13, 2012Volunteers help sustain wild WisconsinView
Apr 1, 2012Trumpeter Swans View
May 1, 2012Kirtland's WarblerView
Jun 1, 2012OspreyView
Jul 1, 2012Karner blue butterflyView
Aug 1, 2012MusselsView
Sep 1, 2012State Natural AreasView
Oct 4, 2012Whooping CranesView
Nov 1, 2012Landowner Incentive ProgramView
Dec 1, 2012Help care for rare wildlife and plants View
Top Celebrating 40 years of the Clean Water Act in Wisconsin

Celebrating 40 years of the Clean Water Act in Wisconsin

Forty years ago, in the midst of a national concern about untreated sewage, industrial and toxic discharges, and the destruction of wetlands, the principal law to protect the nationís waters was passed.

DateTitle / SubjectArticle
Oct 16, 2012Clear Progress: The Clean Water Act at 40 View
Sep 5, 2013Good things happening on the Great LakesView
Top June is Invasive Species Awareness Month

June is Invasive Species Awareness Month

June is Invasive Species Awareness Month, a time when Wisconsin residents and visitors can pitch in to help prevent the spread of the aggressive, non-native plants and animals that are invading Wisconsinís lakes, woods and wetlands.
DateTitle / SubjectArticle
May 31, 2013Keep invasive plants out!View
Jun 13, 2013Stop aquatic hitchhikersView
Jun 18, 2013Stop forest pestsView
Top Wisconsin's Walleye

Wisconsin's Walleye

The walleye is an angler favorite and a cornerstone of Wisconsinís tourism industry. Steeped in angling tradition, it is a highly prized table fare that continues to entice Wisconsin anglers. Learn more about walleye and how the DNR is working to improve walleye fishing with this collection of Ďol marble eye materials.

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