Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Waterloo's Crave Brothers Farm and Farmstead Cheese Seeks Green Tier Status

News Release Published: December 23, 2009 by the South Central Region

Contact(s): Jeffrey Voltz, DNR Cooperative Enviromental Assistance, Madison: (608) 266-8226

WATERLOO - The Department of Natural Resources is seeking public comment on two applications submitted by Crave Brothers Farm, LLC and Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese, LLC of W11550 Torpy Road, Waterloo, WI, to be accepted into Wisconsin's innovative Green Tier program.

Green Tier seeks to encourage businesses to move beyond regulatory compliance in order to promote superior environmental performance. Participation in this program is strictly voluntary.

Crave Brothers Farm, LLC and Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese, LLC have each submitted applications for Tier 1 of the program, designed to encourage new goal setting and innovation.In order to be accepted into the program an applicant must have a good environmental record, a desire to exceed regulatory requirements, and a willingness to adopt an Environmental Management System.

Crave Brothers Farm and Farmstead Cheese established separate, but similar goals as Green Tier participants. The farm goals include:

  • Maximize efficiency of anaerobic manure digester;
  • Reduce odors associated with farm operations;
  • Reduce feed leachate; and
  • Establish baseline information concerning water consumption.

The Farmstead Cheese Factory goals include:

  • Establishing environmentally friendly practices that balance financial, environmental and social needs in a way that supports succession planning;
  • Setting a baseline for water consumption, including current recycling practices; and
  • Continue to work with employee, neighbors and community to help them be good stewards of the land and communicate in ways that promote learning from each other.

The public is invited to comment on this application for thirty days. Public participation is highly valued because community enhancement and open communication are important aspects to Green Tier participation. Specific information on the Crave Brothers Farm, LLC, Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese application or the Green Tier program is available on the DNR Web site or by calling Jeffrey Voltz at (608) 266-8226.

Written comments can be sent directly to Jeffrey Voltz via e-mail at jeffrey.voltz@wisconsin.gov. All comments must be received by January 29, 2009