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Sportsman Bob Schuh receives prestigious regional DNR award

News Release Published: June 3, 2009 by the Northeast Region

Contact(s): Robert Stroess, DNR Conservation Warden, (920) 755-4985

Outstanding Hunter Education Award presented at annual appreciation banquet

Sportsman Bob Schuh
Sportsman Bob Schuh
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MANITOWOC - Sportsman and outdoor columnist Bob Schuh has received the DNR's Regional Outstanding Hunter Education Instructor award for the year 2008.

The award was presented to him by Warden Robert Stroess at the annual banquet of the Manitowoc County Hunter Education Instructors on April 18. As the coordinator of the Manitowoc County Hunter Education Instructor Organization, Schuh is the organizer of the appreciation banquet for instructors and helps with getting financial support from the organization to instructors who request funding for classroom supplies and tools.

"Bob is a leader in conservation in Manitowoc County," said Warden Stroess during the award presentation. "Bob has recruited a large corps of volunteer hunter education instructors and has the highest attended hunter education classes in the area."

Stroess noted that Bob Schuh has graduated nearly 2900 students in the hunter education program. "That in itself is an outstanding achievement," said Stroess. "His work has made a difference for the future of safe hunting in Wisconsin."

In 2008 two of Bob's long-time junior instructors, Alyssa Gove and Nathan Zigmunt, came of age and have continued on in the hunter education program by becoming adult instructors.

Perhaps the most valuable contribution Bob has made to hunter education since he became an instructor is simply being a role model to young hunters. Bob is blind and has been since a firearm incident several decades ago. He began teaching after this incident. He continues to hunt - a lot - and spends countless hours afield. He's not about to give up on an activity he loves so dearly and he is certainly an inspiration to a lot of students. They look at him and may think "How can a blind man hunt or teach me about hunter safety?" He certainly can do both and has done an excellent job at both for many years.

Bob writes a weekly outdoor newspaper column, "Scoping the Great Outdoors," and he uses this medium for informing the public about a variety of natural resources topics, including upcoming hunter education classes, other outdoor education events, natural resources law issues, and local success stories about hunting, fishing, and spending time outdoors. His column often contains photographs showing kids with their first deer, their first fish, or just enjoying time outdoors.

Bob is a Director of the Manitowoc County Fish and Game Protective Association, a 100 year old alliance of conservation organizations from throughout the county. He was made a "Life Member" of that organization by a vote of its members. The alliance provides scholarships to college students interested in natural resource careers, provides funding to natural resource projects throughout the county such as shoreline stabilization, lake restoration, handicap fishing pier purchase and installation, fish stocking, and outdoor education funding. Bob also represents his local club, the Maribel Sportsmen's Club, to the association. The Maribel Sportsmen's Club is one of the largest conservation organizations in Manitowoc County.

Bob is the "go-to" guy for answers to a lot of people's questions and is frequently in contact with the DNR staff in Manitowoc County, including the wildlife biologist and conservation warden to get clarifying information about natural resources topics or laws to educate the public through his column or to simply provide an answer to a fellow outdoor enthusiast.

"I'd like to say that Bob's contributions this past year were superbly different than other years," said Stroess, "but they weren't. This past year is no different than any other year. Bob's work for the hunter education program is always extraordinary."