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Metadata & Download of DNR Geospatial Data

This page links to metadata describing Wisconsin DNR geographic data holdings which have statewide coverage and are available for sharing without restriction, unless otherwise noted.

What is "Metadata"?

As used here, the term "metadata" means formal data documentation. These metadata are structured in a form consistent with the Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata [exit DNR] developed by the U.S. Federal Geographic Data Committee. Extensive information about metadata is also available through the Wisconsin Land Information Clearinghouse (WISCLINC) [exit DNR].

Download Data from the DNR FTP Site

In most cases, the data described in the metadata files can be downloaded in the form of a zipped Wisconsin statewide shapefile from the DNR Public GIS FTP site using your web browser and at no cost. The FTP address for specific data sets can be found in the Data Distribution Section of the metadata (under Standard Order Process). When the Data Custodian has restricted distribution for the data, requesters must contact the data custodian directly to obtain access to the data. In such cases, the Data Custodian contact information can be found in the Data Distribution Section of the metadata.

Some of the data sets described in the metadata are quite large and may take significant amounts of time to download. The numbers to the right of the data set names listed below indicate the approximate size of the file posted on the DNR FTP site for download. You will need additional space to store the unzipped version of the data on your computer.

Please note that data obtained from the DNR FTP site as provided "as is", with no warranty as to their suitability for use for a particular application, under the terms and conditions described: DNR legal notices.

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Extract Subsets of High-Density Data using DNR WebView

DNR WebView provides a no-cost means of accessing frequently-requested DNR GIS data, and of extracting subsets of some high-density data sets for user-designated areas of interest.

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Geo-Referencing System

Data are provided in the DNR's standard geo-referencing system - Wisconsin Transverse Mercator based on the 1991 adjustment to the North American Datum of 1983 (WTM83, NAD83(1991)). Conversion of GIS data from WTM83, NAD83(1991) to other geo-referencing systems can be carried out using commercially-available GIS software. DNR staff are not available to carry out these conversions as part of a GIS data request.

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Metadata Listing

Administrative & Political Boundaries
Wisconsin County Boundaries [PDF 1.2MB]
Wisconsin DNR Administrative Regions [PDF 0.4MB]
Wisconsin DNR Geographic Management Units [PDF 2.5MB]
Wisconsin State Outline [PDF 1.0MB]
USGS Wisconsin GAP Stewardship Data [PDF 27MB]
Biologic & Ecologic
Wisconsin DNR Bear Management Zones [PDF 0.2MB]
Wisconsin DNR Deer Management Units [PDF 1.3MB]
Wisconsin DNR Turkey Management Zones [PDF 0.9MB]
Elevation & Derived Products
Digital Elevation Model of Wisconsin [PDF 73.6MB]
Shaded Relief Image of Wisconsin [PDF 123.8MB]
Forests & Land Cover
Wisconsin County Forests [PDF 5.0MB]
Wisconsin DNR Fire Occurrence [PDF 2.7MB]
Wisconsin DNR Fire Protection Areas [PDF 0.4MB]
Wisconsin DNR Fire Response Units [PDF 0.4MB]
Wisconsin DNR Forestry Areas [PDF 0.5MB]
Wisconsin DNR Forest Crop Law [PDF 0.9MB]
Wisconsin DNR Managed Forest Law [PDF 9.6MB]
Wisconsin Land Type Associations [PDF 9.5MB]
Wisconsin Original (Pre-Settlement) Vegetation Cover [PDF 8.2MB]
Wisconsin Original (Pre-Settlement) Vegetation Cover Points [PDF 19MB]
Land Cover of Wisconsin (WISCLAND Grid) [PDF 73MB)
Land Cover Image of Wisconsin [PDF 73MB]
Imagery & Basemaps
24K Digital Raster Graphics (TIFF file, varies)
100K Digital Raster Graphics [PDF varies)
250K Digital Raster Graphics [PDF varies)
Surface Water (Hydrography)
DNR Surface Water Data (web page)
Getting Started with WDNR 24K Hydro Geodatabase [PDF 467MB]
Wisconsin DNR Watershed Boundaries [PDF 9MB]
Wisconsin DNR Water Management Units [PDF 3MB]
Land Descriptions & Cadastral
Wisconsin PLSS Centroids from 24K Landnet [PDF 205MB]
Wisconsin PLSS Quarter-Quarter Sections from 24K Landnet [PDF 94MB]
Wisconsin PLSS Quarter Sections from 24K Landnet [PDF 46MB]
Wisconsin PLSS Sections from 24K Landnet [PDF 18MB]
Wisconsin PLSS Townships from 24K Landnet [PDF 3.8MB]
Map Indexes
Wisconsin 12K Quadrangle Index [PDF 0.3MB]
Wisconsin 24K Quadrangle Index [PDF 0.1MB]
Wisconsin 100K Quadrangle Index [PDF 0.1MB]
Wisconsin 250K Quadrangle Index [PDF 0.1MB]
Recreation & Trails
To obtain access to data about DNR-Managed Lands, please contact the DNR Bureau of Facilities & Lands.
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