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from a listing of DNR interactive maps the provide a wide variety of information about your area of interest.
how geographic information systems (GIS) technology is being used at the DNR.
how to access maps, data and aerial photography available from DNR programs.

ATTENTION: DNR WebView has been decommissioned and is no longer available. Additional information about this change, including recommended alternatives to DNR WebView, is provided below.

WebView Has Been Retired

WebView was one of DNR's first and oldest mapping applications, initially developed in 2002. As a general-purpose web mapping viewer, WebView was developed primarily to demonstrate the benefits that web mapping offers to DNR customers and the public, and to serve as a template for web mapping applications developed at the DNR. The web mapping technologies on which WebView is based are now outdated and at the end of their support lifecycle. In light of comparable alternatives to WebView that are currently available or soon will be, the internal and external versions of DNR WebView were decommissioned in the Fall of 2013.

Alternatives to WebView for Map Display, Browsing, Printing, etc.

Several DNR Web Mapping Applications currently provide access to the basic map information and functional capabilities found in WebView. DNR programs responsible for those sites are currently in the process of moving their mapping applications to newer technologies; the listing of DNR Web Mapping Applications will be updated as the new versions become available; we encourage WebView users to begin exploring and linking to these alternatives.

Alternatives for Topographic Map Download

  1. Topo Maps Available on the DNR FTP Site
    • All of the 1:24,000-scale digital topographic maps (digital raster graphics, or DRGs) for Wisconsin published by the US Geological Survey (USGS) will continue to be available for download from this location on the DNR Public GIS FTP site. The 24K DRGs are organized by folders corresponding to the 1-by-1-degree tiles used by the USGS for topographic mapping; an index graphic for those tiles is available here
    • .
    • The statewide USGS 1:100,000-scale DRGs and tile index are available here
    • .
    • The statewide USGS 1:250,000-scale DRGs and tile index are available here
    • .
  2. Topo Maps Available from the USGS US Topo Quadrangles - Maps for America site
  3. The USGS National Map Viewer
    • This site provides both an interactive viewer for displaying topographic map information, and a free map download capability.

Alternatives for information about USGS aerial photography from the 1990s

  1. The Wisconsin Catalog of Aerial Photography
    • This resource on the Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office website provides a comprehensive listing of aerial photography acquired by federal, state and local agencies, and other groups, organized by county.
  2. The Aerial Photography Collection at the Arthur H. Robinson Map Library
    • Nearly 700 of the over 3000 historical aerial photography projects listed in the Wisconsin Catalog of Aerial Photography (see above) are located at the Robinson Map Library on the UW-Madison campus. Information about digital aerial photography from 1937-1941 can also be accessed via The Wisconsin Historic Aerial Image Finder application on the Robinson Library website
    • .
  3. WisconsinView
    • The WisconsinView Data Portal provides free public access to a variety of aerial photography and satellite imagery of Wisconsin, including the USGS black-and-white, 1-meter resolution aerial photography from the early- to mid-10990s. To download the USGS air photos, click on the "DNR_Orthos" tab on the WisconsinView Data Portal
    • .
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    DNR Bureau of Technology Services
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