Aquatic Invasive Species Efforts
Working together to prevent, contain and control aquatic invasive species in Wisconsin.

Dead Curly-Leaf Pondweed - East Balsam Lake 2012

Featured Partner Project:

BALSAM LAKE P & R DISTRICT: Balsam Lake Aquatic Invasive Species Control Project
The Balsam Lake P & R District is sponsoring a project to implement approved activities from the Balsam Lake Aquatic Plant Management Plan. Approved activities include chemically treating curlyleaf pondweed in a limited number of high-density areas, pre/post treatment aquatic plant surveys and bed mapping, purple loosestrife and giant knotweed mapping and control; and Eurasian water-milfoil monit... More

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Aquatic Invasive Species Bridge Snapshot Day: Where Rivers Meet People
For many a bridge is just a way to conveniently pass over the river below. The trip is the main goal; the river just a spot along the way. For others a bridge is a portal to what is below … Continue reading

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