Aquatic Invasive Species Efforts
Working together to prevent, contain and control aquatic invasive species in Wisconsin.

Dead Curly-Leaf Pondweed - East Balsam Lake 2012

Featured Partner Project:

BALSAM LAKE P & R DISTRICT: Balsam Lake Aquatic Invasive Species Control Project
The Balsam Lake P & R District is sponsoring a project to implement approved activities from the Balsam Lake Aquatic Plant Management Plan. Approved activities include chemically treating curlyleaf pondweed in a limited number of high-density areas, pre/post treatment aquatic plant surveys and bed mapping, purple loosestrife and giant knotweed mapping and control; and Eurasian water-milfoil monit... More

What's New On Our Blog:

Improvements to the DNR surface water grants program.
This summer the Lakes blog brought you news of improvements regarding DNR’s Clean Boats Clean Waters grant application process. Well, it’s time again to share more news on improvements to surface water planning and protection grants, and aquatic invasive species … Continue reading