Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

What Has Not Changed...

Please remember the following for youth hunting:

The minimum hunting age for hunting without having to comply with the new hunting mentorship program rules is still age 12, and the hunter must first complete a hunter education course if born on or after 1-1-73, or have completed basic training with the U.S. Armed Forces.

A youth age 12 or 13 who has completed hunter education does not have to hunt within arms reach of an adult, but still must be "accompanied". Accompanied, for the purposes of 12 and 13 year olds who have completed hunter education, still means being within both visual AND voice contact at all times while hunting. The adult does not have to be a licensed hunter or hunter ed. graduate to accompany 12 & 13 year old hunter ed. graduates.

Any adult, age 18 or older may "accompany" a person age 12 or 13 who has completed hunter education certification, as long as it is with the parent or guardians approval.

Anyone age 14 or older who has completed hunter education does not need be "accompanied" by an adult.

Anyone born BEFORE 1-1-73, still does not need hunter education to purchase a hunting license, and does not need to hunt with a mentor.

Passing hunter education before age 12 does not allow the youth to hunt under the visual and voice contact only provisions in the law for persons age 12 and 13, or to be able to have a 2nd firearm or bow when hunting.