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For information on DNR’s Lean Government Initiative, contact:
Kristy Rogers

About the DNR Lean Government Initiative

The Department of Natural Resources recently completed its pilot phase of a Lean Government Initiative aimed at reducing workload, accelerating permitting timelines and improving agency efficiency. The DNR was one of the first state agencies to formally try Lean tools conducting nine process improvement projects during the first half of 2012.

The DNR took a very structured approach to the first Lean projects. Each division within the DNR conducted at least one project. All of the projects worked toward achieving five consistent goals.

  1. Reduce DNR staff workload.
  2. Reduce lead (delivery) time. (Lead time is the total time it takes for a customer to receive a product or service.)
  3. Improve Customer Satisfaction.
  4. Simplify the Process.
  5. Ensure Staff and Customer Safety.

The DNR will be building on the success and lessons learned from the first initiative. Stay tuned for more information on the next projects and goals.

Lean Six Sigma

The department uses a business-tested approach called Lean Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma is a systematic approach that employs a collection of principles, methods and tools to improve speed and efficiency of processes by eliminating waste.

Lean I Projects

2012 Projects

The following are the projects that were completed in July 2012. Each link contains the project charter that identifies the project’s purpose and goals and a quick summary of the final results.

Office of the Secretary - Bureau of Legal Services

Legal Opinion Process [PDF]
Analyze the process used to issue legal opinions and implement improvements that make the process more efficient, timely and trackable.

Air & Waste Division

Air Construction Permit Process [PDF]
Analyze and streamline the steps taken to issue a construction permit.

Chapter NR 726 Closure Completeness Reviews
Analyze and streamline the steps taken to determine if a complete closure packet has been submitted.

Customer and Employee Services Division

Clean Boats, Clean Waters AIS Grant Projects [PDF]
Reduce the amount of time volunteers spend on developing grant applications, documenting time contributions and developing final project reports.

Enforcement & Science Division

Wild Game Serving Permit Process Improvement [PDF]
Analyze the process and implement improvements in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection.

Forestry Division

Forestry Equipment Center Stockroom [PDF]
Analyze and improve the order fulfillment process at the LeMay Forestry Center in Tomahawk.

Land Division

Phase 2 of the Master Planning Process [PDF]
Analyze the Phase 2 portion of the Master Planning process and make improvements that eliminate variation in the quality and speed and improve process flow and speed.

Endangered Resources Reviews [PDF]
Analyze the Endangered Resources reviews conducted agency wide and implement improvements that promote consistency and timeliness.

Water Division

Nutrient Management Plans [PDF]
Analyze and improve the review process for nutrient management plans.

Last revised: Friday February 28 2014