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Snowmobile Trail Aids

Snowmobile Trail Pass

All public snowmobiles operating on a Wisconsin trail or corridor must display a valid snowmobile trail pass for the 2015-16 season. Click on "Snowmobile Trail Pass" above for more information.

Snowmobile Trail Grants are available to counties and tribes to apply for funding to provide a statewide system of well-signed and well-groomed snowmobile trails for public use and enjoyment.


Eligible applicants

Counties and tribes may apply for these grants.

Snowmobile bridge rehabilitation

Eligible projects
  • replacement of entire structure including approaches and abutments
  • repair to the superstructure of the bridge
  • replacement of the entire deck and railings
  • repair or replacement of protective riprap around abutments or footings
Ineligible Projects
  • replacement of bridge railings only
  • patching of decking
  • grading or minor repair to approaches
  • bridge repairs to bring bridge structure within any existing codes
  • reinforcement of bridge structures to accommodate weights in excess of 14,000 pounds
  • deck replacement for the sole purpose of accommodating larger grooming equipment

Snowmobile trail rehabilitation

Eligible projects
  • clearing of trees from storm damage to re-establish the trail corridor
  • filling and grading to re-establish the trail tread damaged as a result of erosion
  • widening and straightening trail segments to improve visibility
Ineligible Projects
  • brushing, signing and similar activities conducted as part of routine maintenance
  • construction of a new bridge or culvert with an inside diameter of greater than 24"
  • rehabilitation or replacement of a bridge or culvert with an inside diameter of greater than 24"

Note: Any costs incurred PRIOR to receipt of a grant are not reimbursable and MAY jeopardize your entire grant!

Priority ranking

Per s. 23.09(26)(5)(c), Wis. Stats. [exit DNR], trail funds are distributed according to the following priority-ranked purposes.

  • Maintenance of existing approved trails, including purchase of county liability insurance and acquisition of easements of less than three years
  • Club signing program (obsolete program)
  • Major bridge reconstruction or rehabilitation
  • Route signing program
  • Trail rehabilitation (prioritized by mandatory relocation, discretionary relocation, new bridges)
  • Development of new trails, including acquisition of land interests for a period of 3 years or greater or in fee simple


April 15 - Maintenance & Development Projects

Applications are due in the regional offices for the upcoming season.

August 1 - Supplemental Maintenance

Applications are due in the regional offices for the previous season.


Guides and information


Ranking Tools

Snowmobile equipment and labor rates

NOTE from the Snowmobile Recreation Council: The intent of the proposed different class A rates is to give a small increase ($5-$20) to the more expensive units. If you are utilizing an all-wheeled or half-track agriculture tractor, once you are above 105 h.p. there is no further increase in rate unless you go to the fully-tracked tractors above 124 h.p. You can more than double the cost of some 4WD tired ag units to reach the cost of the fully-tracked ag tractors, Tuckers, Pisten Bullys, etc. The difference in reimbursement rates certainly will not double. The proposed small increments of increasing from Class A to AA or AAA would not justify the costs of purchasing these more expensive units just to receive a higher reimbursement rate and will only serve to get you to your cap quicker. Therefore purchasing a larger unit for an increased reimbursement rate is not sound financial planning.

Trail signing

Rail crossing guides and forms


Contact information
For questions about Snowmobile Trail Aids, contact:
Your DNR regional community service specialist
Cathy Burrow, Snowmobile Grant Manager
Department of Natural Resources
PO Box 7921
101 S. Webster
Madison WI 53707-7921
Last revised: Thursday June 23 2016