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Recreational Trails Aids (RTA) Program

This is a federal program administered in all states. Municipal governments and incorporated organizations are eligible to receive reimbursement for development and maintenance of recreational trails and trail-related facilities for both motorized and non-motorized recreational trail uses. Eligible sponsors may be reimbursed for up to 50 percent of eligible project costs. Funds from this program may be used in conjunction with funds from the state snowmobile or ATV grant programs and Knowles-Nelson Stewardship development projects.

Who can apply

Eligible applicants

Municipal governments and incorporated organizations whose primary purpose is trails or trail usage can apply for this funding.


Eligible projects

  • Maintenance or restoration of existing trails
  • Development or rehabilitation of trailside/trailhead facilities and trail linkages
  • Construction of new trails
  • Property acquisition for trails



Applications are typically due on May 1 each year.

How to apply

Application materials

Because these grants are often coupled with grants from the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program, RTA grant application materials appear in the same booklet as Stewardship Local Assistance grant application materials.


Contact information
For assistance with RTA grants, contact:
Diane Conklin
Department of Natural Resources
PO Box 397
1341 2nd Avenue
Cumberland WI 54829
Your DNR regional community service specialist
Last revised: Monday October 13 2014