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Municipal Flood Control Grant Program

The deadline date for the next biennial application period for Municipal Flood Control grants will be mid-March 2016.

This grant is available to all cities, villages, towns, tribes and metropolitan sewerage districts. Assistance is provided with items such as: the acquisition of property, vacant land, structure removal, flood proofing, administrative support and others.

Who can apply

Eligible applicants

Cities, villages, towns, tribes and metropolitan sewerage districts are eligible to apply for these grants.


Eligible projects

Eligibility depends on the proposed project. Read the project selection help [PDF] for comprehensive information.


This grant is only available every other year.

The next application deadline will be in March 15, 2016.

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Property acquisition/appraisal guidance

Trouble downloading forms? see: Troubleshooting tips [PDF]


Claims for payment of actual and eligible expenses must be submitted on these forms. All costs submitted must be documented and consistent with the eligibility provisions of ch. NR 199 and with the grant agreement.

All costs must be incurred within the grant time period with the exception of planning cost for appraisal reports, engineering or planning fees for the project, unless otherwise agreed as part of the grant agreement.

To be eligible for grant award payment reimbursement, the applicant shall obtain all necessary permits and approvals for the project.

Trouble downloading forms? see: Troubleshooting tips [PDF]


Contact information
For information on these grants, contact:
Jeffrey Soellner
Gary Heinrichs
Last revised: Thursday January 08 2015